Mieko Belle

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Name: Mieko Belle
Alias(es): auburn_crimson, deepdarkwaters, thieving_gypsy, The juju was up inside my horn
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, The Mighty Boosh, etc.
URL: stories at AO3
stories at FanFiction.net
auburn_crimson (f-locked fic journal)[1]
deepdarkwaters (current LJ)
thieving_gypsy (previous LJ)
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Mieko Belle, also commonly known as Auburn Crimson, is a multifandom fan writer. She is now known as deepdarkwaters on AO3 and LiveJournal.

Mieko Belle has removed all her Harry Potter stories from the internet, deleted her FictionAlley account,[2] and friendslocked her fic journal. Her FanFiction.net profile states:

"I've deleted most of my Harry Potter stories. They're old and embarrassing and badly-written and I've come to hate them so much I can't stand to be linked to them any more in ANY way. They're probably still available on old Y!Groups or various archives, but I don't want them on here any more."

In Harry Potter fandom, she was best known for her Remus/Sirius glam rock Velvet Goldmine crossover series, Fairy Boys. Since its removal from the web, many fans have been in search of saved copies of the stories.[3]

Mieko Belle was also a notable early Harry Potter femslash writer.[4]


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