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Title: Fairy Boys
Author(s): Mieko Belle
Date(s): July 24, 2002 (wip version)
May 18, 2003 (finnish version)
Length: 36966 words
Genre: M/M, Slash
Fandom: Harry Potter, Velvet Goldmine
External Links: wip version[1] (wayback)
finish version[2] (wayback)

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Fairy Boys is a Remus/Sirius glam rock Velvet Goldmine crossover series by Mieko Belle. The fanfiction is a notorious well-known fan favourite in the slash Harry Potter fandom.

Since its removal from the web, many fans have been in search of saved copies of the stories.[3]


Glam rock fever grips Gryffindor Tower, and various love affairs are carried out to the glitterific sounds of Brian Slade and Curt Wild. Sort of a crossover with 'Velvet Goldmine'. Expect rampant bisexuality. RL/SB-centric.[1]


These are J.K. Rowling and Todd Haynes's babies. I'm just borrowing their splendiferous characters because the thought of Sirius in eyeliner made my head spin in the most wonderful way...

Titles and various quotes are taken from Velvet Goldmine, which deserves to be worshipped by all.

And finally... I know there are glaring anachronisms. VG is set in the early seventies -- let's say the Gryffindors in this are five years older than they are in canon, or the glam thing happened five years later. Call it AU if you will.


Edited to reiterate: IMPORTANT NOTE -- I've lifted a lot of Velvet Goldmine quotes and put them in the story. These will all be credited individually at the end of the story, because it's a WIP. :)[1]

Fan Comments and Rec

Really, Fairy Boys is a classic in the making. I admit to being confused at first, by the musical aspect, but then upon discovering Velvet Goldmine, it made sense. And I finally found a way to bring up fanfiction to my parents (who personally knew the joys of glamrock fever in British boarding school and nearly forbid me to continue reading this). So bravo on the stunning work.[4]
God bless Mieko Belle for introducing me to Velvet Goldmine with her amazing Remus/Sirius fic Fairy Boys. She is an absolute star and a goddess! o_o[5]
The Queen of Hearts



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