Femme Spark

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Name: Femme Spark
Date(s): 04 August 2002 - May 2003?[1]
Archivist: Liberty Ford (a.k.a. Josephine Spark)
Founder: Liberty Ford
Type: femslash fanfiction
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: archived website via Wayback Machine
femmespark mailing list on Yahoo! Groups; archive link
Femme Spark banner.jpg
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Femme Spark was a Harry Potter femslash archive. As of March 2003, it hosted 69 stories by 33 authors.[2]

"Welcome to Femme Spark. This site contains 100% female slash fiction, i.e. f/f, lesbianism, yuri, shoujo ai, etc. In other words: girls lovin' girls. If this makes you uncomfortable in any way or you are under the age of consent where you live, you may take yourself elsewhere now."[3]
"Femme Spark is a female slash archive site for Harry Potter fanficiton. This group is for my website Femme Spark and fic's posted here maybe archived. However feel free to join even if you just like to read femslash fics."

The archive was a recreation of Liberty Ford's previous femslash site, Chocolate Dipped.[4] Several authors had their work previously hosted on Chocolate Dipped and moved to Femme Spark.[5]

There archive also had an associated Yahoo! Groups mailing list, also called Femme Spark. The mailing list was created on September 7, 2002. It has remained online after the closure of the Femme Spark archive, but has since been overrun by spam.


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