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For the Kim Possible fanfiction series, see Best Enemies (Kim Possible series).
Journal Community
Name: Best Enemies
Date(s): Active February 2008 onwards
Moderator: x_los, Aralias, Marah_Sarie
Founder: x_los
Type: pairing comm
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: archive link

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Best Enemies is a shipping community for the Doctor Who pairing Doctor/Master. It was founded in 2008 by x_los, about half a year after the Master-centric episodes from Doctor Who series 3 (Utopia, Sound of Drums, Last of the Time Lords).

It is known for a strong focus on the Classic Who iterations of the pairings, as well for its active chat room, extensive anon meme, and numerous challenges, which have collectively inspired much of the fic in this pairing. It is probably fair to say that the terms "cheetah!Master" and "goosnake!Master" (coined by moderator x_los) achieved their popularity through this community, and that there would be no the Other/Tipple!Master fic[1] or Two/Cheetah!Master fic[2] without this community.

The comm theme was designed and created by Marah_Sarie.

Reasons for Founding

At the time B_E was founded, there was already another Doctor/Master community on Livejournal slash_lords, but this was largely focussed on the New Who iteration of the pairing. That community might also be seen as large and not obviously moderated. According to the profile page of Best_Enemies, the aim of the new community was conversely:

We want to be more of a community than a ficdump/artdump.

  • More classic!slash
  • Fic-writing challenges
  • Rec lists
  • More crack!fic
  • Classic Slash for Newbies! Episode summaries: We love that you're here for ten/simm!master. But perhaps you'd like to learn about all their years of previous phone sex? It's like joining the Juffo-Wup, but sexier. Consider our offer.
  • Active beta-requests/offers of self as beta and such encouraged!
  • Silly pairing related craft project? We want it.

This is the kind of stuff you can't do in a big comm. We stay non-srs business and just talk about what we want to talk about, find people who are cool, and rock out in an entirely non-intimidating, newbie-welcoming, fluff and darkfic alike accepting environment.[3]

Best Enemies Moderated Events

Best_Enemies was a highly moderated community, in the sense that the mods created numerous challenges, discussion forums and other events to help create content and provide forums for members to talk to each other.

Some of the most notable include:

In 2010 there was a brief attempt to form a comm RP that would focus on the Doctor and the Master, but this was largely unsuccessful and only the bar/hang-out area was ever actually created.[5] Unlike the parent community, the RP community was hosted on Dreamwidth.