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Name: x_los
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Big Finish, The Great Mouse Detective, Dorothy L. Sayers, Blake's 7 Charles Dickens
Communities: founded Best_enemies
URL: on Livejournal, Livejournal fic-account, on AO3
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x_los is a fanwriter and community organiser. She was active in Doctor Who fandom from 2008, largely in the pairing Doctor/Master, for which she founded the community Best_Enemies. She was very active as part of this community, regularly posting discussion questions, challenges, pairing summaries and participating in the B_E chat room. Along with her extensive body of work, this participation made her highly influential in the D/M fandom.

She reputedly coined the terms for two of the more obscure incarnations of the Master - Goosnake!Master (from the TVM) and Cheetah!Master (from Survival).

From 2014 she has also been in The Great Mouse Detective fandom, where she has written Basil/Ratigan. She wrote Peter Wimsey fic for Yuletide 2014 where her fic Gentle Antidote was one of the most popular that year.

She began writing fic for Blake/Avon (Blake's 7) in 2015, having been interested in the pairing for around 15 years but only finally motivated to start writing it by a need to contribute to Aralias's fanzine Pride and Prejudice. As of 2016, Blake's 7 and Charles Dickens (David Copperfield) are her primary fandoms.


x_los is particularly known for writing involved sex-scenes, and long plotty stories that usually involve crack, fluff and angst and have strong character voices, which are used for banter.[1][2][3] Many were written for the Best_Enemies Anon Kink/Porn/Request Meme.

Her Doctor/Master fic is frequently Classic Who (as opposed to New Who), and often involves unusual combinations (such as Three/Crispy!Master[4] or Eight/Goosnake!Master[5]) but she also wrote extensively for the main D/M pairings - Three/Delgado!Master, Five/Ainley!Master and Eight/Jacobi!Master. x_los's D/M fic generally posits that the two protagonists are in love with each other (as opposed to interested in sexually humiliating each other, for example, which was another major trope of D/M), although this does not stop them behaving terribly towards each other. In several fics they get married or are already married, and in general x_los has a love of tropes.

Her Blake/Avon fic is likely to depict Blake favourably without absolving him of poor decisions. She has written many fics prompted by the Blake's 7 kink meme and several fics that bring newer tropes, such as A/B/O, BDSM AU, mundane AU and genderswap into this vintage fandom. Unlike the fandom as a whole, she writes Avon topping about as often as she writes Blake topping. As well as kink fic, she has written several very long, plotty stories that show Blake and Avon plausibly defeating the Federation, for example Rojer and In the Bleak Midwinter.

She is frequented betaed by her IRL girlfriend Aralias, who has also recorded several of her fics as podfics.

Example Fanworks

Doctor Who

  • Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed - Theta/Delgado!Master, Theta/Koschei. Lyakahime wrote on Calufrax: "this is the fic I always reread when too much angst has gotten me down ... The journey has plenty of emotion, meaning that it really earns its satisfying, heartwarming conclusion."[6]
  • The Final Game - Three/Delgado!Master, AU. Blackletter wrote on Best_Enemies: "This darkfic is a lovely, bitter-sweet dark, like chocolate. Delgado!Master is appropriately wicked in the way every incarnation of the Master is wicked, but even through the darkness, there are scenes that are adorable in the way that Delgado!Master is adorable."[7]
  • Killing the Groundhog: A Controlled Outcome - Three/Delgado!Master
  • The Crane Wife - Five/Ainley!Master, slave fic AU. Foralllove wrote on Best_Enemies: "HOW HAS NOBODY RECCED THE CRANE WIFE YET?????? ... The brilliantly mechanical empire and engaging characters within and without serve as a colourful background for angsting and swooning and obsessing ... It is enchanting from start to finish."[8]. Roachpatrol wrote on Calufrax: "Everything that x_los has ever written is brilliant. EVERYTHING. But of course, some brilliant fics are more brilliant than others, and one of those extra-brilliant fics is The Crane Wife. If you like slave!fic, you will like this story. If you don't like slave!fic, you will probably like this story anyway."[9]
  • Cat Nip - Five/Cheetah!Master
  • What Rassilon Has Joined Together - Five/Ainley!Master. Aralias wrote on Best_Enemies: "Two age old clichés (aliens made them get married/aliens made them have sex) are explored with humour and scope"[10]. Quiche_Lorraine wrote on Calufrax: "it’s also amazingly written. The character voices are great. There are nice bits about their romantic backstory and the emotions feel all very true."[11]
  • A Very Original Sin - Eight/Goosnake!Master. TweedyMcGee wrote on Best_Enemies: "Naturally, any work involving Goosnake (the TVM included) is, almost by definition, crack -- and this fic is no exception. It really has no right to be all sort of tender and moving and stuff."[12]
  • Five Times Lord Braxiatel Had Occasion to Regret The Doctor’s Exile Very Deeply Indeed (And One Time He Wished The Doctor Would Just Sod Off Forever) - Braxiatel, various D/M. Biichan wrote on Calufrax: "this fic is one of the funniest I've read in a long while. And, oddly enough, it's one of the better character studies too."[13]

Great Mouse Detective

Wimsey Fic

  • Gentle Antidote - Peter/Harriet, soulbonding fic. cyrano7 wrote on Tumblr in response to a rec from educatedinyellow: This is JUST MARVELLOUS!! If you like Peter Wimsey, this is like reading the books as written in a different universe where DLS wrote the story differently.[14] // blithers wrote on the Tumblr community 'Multifandom Het Recs': it is SO. VERY. GOOD. I would never have thought an AU of these two characters without their entire messy, canonical history behind them could be so fascinating but it is - reading this was like discovering a new facet of much-beloved characters to ship, which made my heart do summersaults. And the worldbuilding is amazing - expansive, wiggling its way into all the corners of the post-WWI time period, and affecting Peter’s case.[15]

Blake's 7

David Copperfield (Dickens)


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