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Journal Community
Name: Calufrax
Date(s): Active January 2008 onwards
Moderator: Calapine 2008-, Nonelvis 2009-
Founder: Calapine
Type: reccing comm
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL:; archive link

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Calufrax is a Livejournal fanfic rec community for A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, founded in. The "community aims to highlight the best of the fanfic available at the archive across all eras of the show and in all genres."[1]

As of August 2013, the community has almost 900 watchers, and around 2,000 fics have been recced out of a total of 35,481 fics posted on Teaspoon. The tenth Doctor's era is by far the most recced (597 recs), with most other eras being about equal (at around 100-150).

The most frequently recced authors are: aces, calapine, jjpor, lurky mclurklurk, lyricwritesprose, netgirl_y2k, nostalgia, primsong, vvj5 (lost_spook) (all of whom had been recced over 20 times by August 2013).

The most frequent reccers are: biichan, eve11, ffutures, livii, lost_spook, Nonelvis (all of whom had recced over 50 fics by August 2013).[2]

In October 2011, Nonelvis created an autofeed account on Tumblr.[3]

Reasons for Founding

The following post was used by the Teaspoon sockpuppet account to pimp the community:

As some of you may know, the New Year has brought some major changes to one of this fandom's biggest fanfic archives, A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, where we've responded to the growing problems our users have had with the quality of fic by introducing new guidelines. Already we've seen an upsurge in the quality of new submissions and attracted some fantastic new authors to the site. It's always fantastic to see the rarer pairings represented, and we hope that, if you haven't already, you'll consider archiving your fic there. To celebrate the changes and highlight some of the very best fic in the archive, we've opened calufrax, a new rec comm for fanfiction archived at the Teaspoon. The extensive tag system lets you search for whatever kind of fic you're looking for and we hope you'll consider signing-up to rec some of your own favourites.[4]


When the community opened in 2008, reccers were assigned on a week-by-week basis and were asked to rec up to seven stories per week, one rec per post per day. The primary criteria was that stories should not have been recced before and not have been written by the reccer.

Moderator Calapine also wrote the following additional requests:

lease remember that we expect recs to be well-written fic (that is the author should know how to spell, format and the difference between it's and its) and avoid attacking any particular character or pairing in a malicious way ... Please do not rec the same pairing all week, variations of the same pairing (that is, for instance, just 10/Rose and 9/Rose) or the same characters. Focussing on one particular character is acceptable only if they are recced in a variety of pairings or with characters of varying eras or in a variety of het, slash and gen.[5]

As of June 2013, Calufrax moved to a two-week reccing period, with the number of recs allowed changing to 4-10. Moderator Nonelvis stated that this was because "with LJ slowly going the way of the dinosaur, we no longer have enough volunteers to sustain a weekly schedule."[6]