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Synonyms: pimping, plugging, promote, draft, pitch, hype, pump, recruiting tool
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Pimping is to promote, especially of a fandom one loves and hopes to induce new people to join. A fan may make a "pimp post" full of squee and screencaps, trying to show off the canon's high points and good features. They may also make a pimping vid or recruiter vid in order to show off how sparkly their fandom is. Another common form is to make a set of pimping recs to accessible works that highlight the best in fanworks without requiring too much canon knowledge.

It may also be said of spreading awareness generally, e.g., "Can you pimp my post on the new challenge? I want people to see it who aren't on my Friends list."

Unlike posting recs for other people's fanworks, the variant self-pimp is used ironically to diffuse disapproval at the slightly shameful act of promoting oneself.[1][2]

K-pop fandom makes liberal usage of pimp posts.

Fans have criticized this term for borrowing the language of trafficking and exploiting women. [3] Alternatives include plug, draft pitch, promote, hype and pump[4].

History of the Term

A 2000 reference is in Estrogen Brigades and "Big Tits" Threads: Media fandom on-line and off.

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