I Don't Need Another Fandom

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Synonyms: Fandom Jumper, Migratory Slash Fan, fan slut, Multifannish
See also: Mono-fan, Slash Slut, Pimp, Fannish Butterfly
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I Don't Need Another Fandom is a phrase used by fans to describe their interest in a new fandom.

It recognizes one's feeling of being over-extended and being spread too thin in one's current fandom but that the clarion call of the new, the shiny, and possibilities and attraction of something fresh.

Fan Comments

Unknown Date

Three Grades Thicker, by Sleeps with Coyotes -- This is what got me into this fandom. I don't need another one. I really don't.... [1]


There's a common moan. "I don't need another fandom!" and I disagree with it more every day. I can always use another set of hunky, smarmy guys who inspire me enough to go out find contact other fen, and to look into new ideas and research for stories. Oh, brave new world that has such programs in it! [2]


I'm not an 'I don't need another fandom' screamer because I love this [possibility of another interest]. [3]


I'm plugging my ears [about Sandbaggers.]. I'm not going to listen. Right now I'm in the middle of both Pros and Wiseguy, and not having enough time for it all. *And* I'm waiting for copies of "Cuckoo Waltz" to show up. *sigh* - "I don't need another fandom. I don't need another fandom. I don't need another fandom...." [4]


While I was at Escapade, I picked up a K/S zine called 5 OF HEARTS because it contained 2 of the novels that [D] suggested I read in K/S. (I was never grabbed by K/S before, but she said these were good.) Unfortunately, I liked them. I CAN'T AFFORD ANOTHER FANDOM!!!!!!! -- "I DON'T NEED ANOTHER FANDOM!!!!!!"

Why do I suspect this should be the mantra of at least half the people on this list???? ;-)
I know I personally have added both Pros and Wiseguy to my list of fandoms as a direct result of this list (and may yet add Forever Knight, if I see enough episodes of it -- it runs Sunday night at 11:30 p.m., and I'm not taping it, so I generally only see the first half-hour), and have also reawakened old interests in several other shows as well.
You people really know how to corrupt a person.... (Keep it up!) TTFN! [5]

Teach me to open up my big mouth. I mentioned in passing in my last letter to [B T] that I kind of liked the Eroica/Desert Peach story in COMPANIONS IN CHAOS #2 and that I had heard several people discussing DP around (you know who you are). [6]


Almost makes me want to see the show (do I really need to say that I don't need another fandom? Didn't think so.) [7]

Well, [M W] was here in Chicago for the weekend, and although I only got hold of her for a few hours on Monday night, I managed to convert her to UNCLE! <Stacy - your vids helped..<g>) So, she sat there saying, "I don't need another fandom, I don't need another fandom" and she left my home with a full UNCLE slash zine and a promise to tell her where to get more...

I'm just an efangelist... [8]


Okay, so where can I get episodes of The Chief...now that I've read "Variations in B and D" and found myself rather fond of Alan Cade... <sigh> Darn it--I don't *need* another fandom! - (who is just going to *give* *up* now) [9]


See, the ever-fabulous [C S]], generous soul that she is, loaned me her entire set of Wiseguy tapes. I was being all "Yeah yeah, I don't *need* another show," but I took 'em, and, with some time on my hands, started watching the first couple of episodes. After which I was going "Hmm, *well*." So then I watched a couple more, and then I decided I should ration them out, and then that good intention went by the wayside, and just this evening I marathoned my way through the last four episodes of the Steelgrave arc.

And -- oh, *man* . . . .

I am totally, completely, and utterly *verklempt.*

Lordy. I mean . . . god *damn.* [10]


I Don't Need Another Fandom was introduced: "Think you can make a 10 minute video, with or without music, with or without commentary, that would convince fans to watch a show. [11]

The vids that make you say "But I don't need another fandom!" -- right before you start asking for tapes. [12]


Aggghhhh! I read someone's good TS fic and NOW I want to read some more! I don't *need* another FANDOM!!!! Anyone willing to send me some links (fic, yahoogroups, etc) off list, so I can get sucked into another obsession?? "g" [13]

I can't believe I'm asking... but are there any LoTR slash zines (Aragorn/Legolas) out there? (I don't NEED another fandom, I don't NEED another fandom...) [14]


While I've watched Numb3rs on and off for years, I've resisted getting involved in the fandom or reading the stories. I have to admit, these gems by the inimitable JoaG and Devra have launched me into a love of reading the characters as much as watching them. I have long cried 'I don't need another fandom', but hey, maybe I do. I can definitely make room in my fandom heart for the Eppes boys without squeezing out Jack and Daniel. I hope you can too. ;) [15]


  • "I Don't Need Another Fandom," filk to the tune of a Tina Turner song, by Leah Rosenthal printed in Rerun #4 (1986)


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