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Synonyms: Fannish Butterfly
See also: Porn, kink, Smut, Dirty Old Broad, Migratory Slash Fandom, multifannish
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A slash slut is someone who is a fan of same-sex fanworks in multiple fandoms.

Sandy Herrold made this button for her trib to the APA Strange Bedfellow #3 (November 1993)

It is a term that was popular in the early-to-mid-1990s and referred to anyone who was interested in more than two or three slash fandoms.

"Slut" was also used to mean "to be an avid fan of something."

The term is used in an endearing way, often self-referential.

Examples of Use


  • "Because, slash sluts know, if you want Guitar Strumming, you read Starsky and Hutch. Do you know why I am a slash slut? Because each big fandom (both couple and universe) has something valuable to add. Apart from the obvious (humpy guys), Vice has character(s) on the edge of sanity, still being trusted to hold guns in a non-wartime situation (and they say *fandom* isn't realistic), Tris/Alex has groupies and orgies in realistic settings... B7 has characters that don't trust or even like each other, etc, etc. Of course, many fandoms have things available to them that I am not interested in (Hardcastle and McCormick and Beauty and the Beast a wonderful example of this...). [1]


  • "... those early ZEBRA IIIs are excellent reading for slashsluts." [2]
  • "...about being a fan of a show or a fan of slash - I'm drifting towards slash slutdom, but slowly, with reluctance." [3]



  • a variation: "Yes, these are the confessions of a Media Slut, a woman who thought she was a one-show woman, fannishly monogamous, only to find that she has some serious problems... mostly involving men in black leather." [4]



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