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You may be looking for the 1980 con Southern Con, or the online video con VidCon (California).

Name: Vidcon (until 2010), Southern Media Con (2010-2017)
Dates: 1993-2017
Frequency: held annually
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Type: media fan convention, fanrun
Focus: Television fandoms, fan fiction (het, gen & slash friendly)
Organization: Stone Hill Science Fiction Association
Founder: Debra Hicks
Founding Date: 1993
URL: Archived version of the convention website dated 2016
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Southern Media Con (formerly known as Vidcon) was a fannish gathering in the midsummer in St. Peterburg, FL. (Not to be confused with the professional video industry convention called "Vidcon.") More information can be found at the WayBack Machine archived Link. Vidcon was het, gen and slash friendly. The convention also sponsored the Editor's Choice Awards.

1994 flyer from On the Double #28

The con has changed its name! It is now Southern Media Con. Current info is here.

From a 1994 ad in On the Double adzine: "Be part of Florida's First zine Con! Scheduled for November 11-13, 1994 Airport Holiday Inn, Tampa, FloridaNear Beaches & Busch Gardens! All Fandoms! Straight and Slash! Panels, Art Auction, Writers Workshops, Pizza Party, Charity Auction, Indoor Pool, Bar-B-Q Party, Jacuzzi, Live Florida Panther. November 11-13, 1994. $25 memberships."

The last gathering took place in July 2017. Stone Hill Science Fiction Association continues to work on the Necronomicon convention.[1]






Tampa, Florida

1997 Con Report

A wonderful relaxicon... This was Vidcon's third year... Friday night's events included some interesting panels, a Chinese dinner, discussions, and some vid viewing that went into the wee hours. Saturday was filled with activities. Lots of interesting panels, including discussions of new fandoms (Sentinel, The Pretender among some of them), A-Team, discussion of war shows called 'War is Hell' about Rat Patrol and Combat, and a discussion of professional writing markets for writers. In the con suite, we were treated to a fencing demonstration. In the evening, I presented a staged reading of an original science fiction play called 'The Queen of Light.' My thanks to the concom for letting me bring my actors to the event. We had a lot of fun, and I think the con members enjoyed the show. The guys in the cast got a kick out of performing in front of a primarily female audience. And, thanks to the costume of our very attractive leading lady (a couple of well-place jewels above the waist and a hint of a skirt), every single male who attended the con viewed the play. :-) In the evening, we had a tasty BBQ dinner and a brief music vid contest, followed by the Editor's Choice Awards for fanzines. Later there were good conversations in the con suite and viewings of choice videos, including the X-Files bloopers. Sunday was more panels and last minute buying in the dealer's room. I enjoyed the informal Babylon Five discussion in the con suite... We also had a visit from the 'celebrity' of Vidcon's charity -- a beautiful Florida panther. Vidcon supports Wildlife Rescue, which helps the Florida panther and other wildlife... For those interested, the con arranged a trip to a local theater for a showing of Star Wars followed by an expedition to Berns Steakhouse for dinner. Nearly twenty con attendees signed up to enjoy the group experience of The Force. It was a nice turnout for the convention, lots of local fans plus fans who flew down from Philadelphia, New York and California... A great job done by the hosting group, Stone Hill Science Fiction Association. These people not only host Vidcon (this wonderful, intimate zine convention) but also put on Necronomicon, a SF convention that last year had over 1200 attendees. Praise to Deb Hicks and the rest of Stone Hill! [2]


The following online flyer was posted to the CI5 mailing list in 1999:

"It's that time again!

Vidcon! Florida's only fanzine con will be held in Tampa Florida on July 23-25. Memberships are $25 until 7/15 and $30 at the door.

Rooms at the Radisson Inn are $69 for 1-4 fans!

What do you get for $25? Lots of great panels! Dozens and dozens of fellow fans to talk to. Two great meals - Chinese on Friday and real southern bar-b-que on Saturday. (Vegans, call and we'll get you something special.) Six big tables of orphan zines. Dealers tables with jewelry, pictures, gaming stuff and media toys. Song vids and bloopers on Saturday night. A visit from a live Florida panther for our charity, Wildlife Rescue Inc. (And another surprise visit on Sunday.) Raffles! A really great con suite. A fencing demo. Special guest, horror/fantasy writer Richard Lee Byers will talk about going pro. Writers workshop. And more!

Zine Publishers! Fans! Our orphan zine table charges 10% with all proceeds going to Wildlife Rescue. We'll sell anything - gen, slash, zines, magazines, art! You send it, we'll sell it! Write for details.

Vidders - Special vid contest! No time limit. E-mail for further details.

Dealers - We have three tables left. You can get one for a membership and a donation to the raffle! Contact Deb for details.

Donations to our charity raffle are heartily encouraged. Song vids, tapes, zines, books, art, anything you want!

Come join us at the souths smallest, friendliest con!"

1998 Con Report

Yeah. Went. Spent about 45 minutes there. Spent more time at the University Mall. About 30 people there, 1 track of programming, a dealer's room that was more than half gaming (the con was split half VidCon, half a gaming convention), one table with zines (as an Orphan Zine table that Deb ran most of the day!). Not really worth the 1 1/2 hour drive each way. MediaWest or Eclecticon, it ain't. [3]


  • Was held July 21-23, 2000
  • A video contest - I Don't Need Another Fandom was introduced: "Think you can make a 10 minute video, with or without music, with or without commentary, that would convince fans to watch a show."


  • Was held July 27th-29th, Tampa Florida, Radisson Inn-Sabal Park
  • Programming can be found archived here.
  • 32 dealers signed up for the dealers room.
  • The charity that year was Francis House - a hospice/care center for people with HIV.
  • The Rag Tag Fleet, a Battlestar: Galactica fan club did two panels

The video contest that year had 43 entries, the highest ever.

Winners (in random order):

Runners Up:

  • Thank God I'm a Country Boy - Multi - Pony Girls
  • Coming Home - 2001/2010 - Chris and Christina
  • Big Balls - Seven Days - KOBA-TV
  • I'm Not Your Girl - Buffy - JAWS


  • Was held on July 26th to 28th 2002
  • Programming info can be found archived here and here.


  • Was held July 18-20, 2003
  • Programming info can be found archived here.


  • Was held July 23-25, 2004
  • Programming info can be found archived here.


  • Was held July 22-24, 2005
  • Programming info can be found archived here


  • Was held July 21-23, 2006
  • Programming info can be found archived here and here.


  • July 20 - July 22, 2007 at the Clarion Inn and Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.
  • Programming info can be found archived here.
  • The vid show introduced a new category of vids Vogon Vids very much along the lines of the Vogon Prose fanfiction reading contest.


  • Was held July 18-20, 2008
  • Programming info can be found archived here.


  • Was held July 17-19, 2009
  • Programming info can be found archived here.

The vid show playlist

  • Walk on the Ground (multi), by Seah and Margie
  • I Got You, Babe [The You-Tube Affair] (Man from UNCLE), unknown
  • The A-Team [Star Trek AU], unknown
  • Fancy [SG1], Lord King Bad Vid
  • I Think I Love You [Queer as Folk - US], by F1renze
  • While We Have the Sun [Firefly], by Mirah and Ginger
  • I'm Your Man (multi - femslash), by Charmax
  • Revenge (multi - 70s exploitation movies), Absolute Destiny
  • Marvelous Party (multi - costume dramas), by Charmax
  • If You Were In My Movie (multi), Jackie K and Carol S
  • Go, Baby, Go (J2 RPS), by Thandie
  • Three Time Loser (Sentinel), by Spirit Guide (2006 Moonridge Auction)
  • We'll Meet Again (SG1), Carol S
  • The Lost Button (SGA/DW crossover), by Chayiana
  • Closer (Star Trek original series), by T Jones and Killa
  • Disturbia (Supernatural), by Wolfling
  • Did You Forget to Take Your Meds? (House), by Melanie
  • 2 Atoms in a Molecule (SGA), by Zoetrope
  • Who Knew (Dr. Who), unknown
  • Destiny Calling (multi of famous/ popular vids), by CounterAgent


  • Was held July 16-18, 2010 at the Hilton Bayfront
  • Programming info can be found archived here.


  • Was held July 15-17, 2011

Vid Show Playlist

  • Mile-high madness Air New Zealand
  • Jimmy Fallon - Born to Run 2010 Emmys
  • It's Showtime! Henry Hanrahan Multi
  • Boom Boom Pow Hollywood Girrl Fringe (Black Eyed Peas)
  • WhatAboutEverything II Calapine Dr. Who (Carbon Leaf)
  • Shots Lord of the Rings Style Anolinde Lord of the Rings (LMFAO)
  • Star Trek Tik Tok Miss Shennie Star Trek: TOS (Ke$ha)
  • Impress Me Much Smutcutter Multi (Shania Twain)
  • Dancing at the Movies (Footloose) Media Solutions Multi (Kenny Loggins)
  • Sesame Street Smell Like A Monster Sesame Street
  • A Study in Time ("Cracking the Code") by Di - Dr. Who/Sherlock
  • In Exchange for Your Tomorrows by Lim - Harry Potter
  • Make Your Own Music_Glee by Buffyann - Glee
  • Freedom Now -HD by Lolilie- White Collar
  • Immabe by Talitha 78- Leverage
  • Hitchhikers Guide to Camelot by Chayiana
  • The Price by Thingswithwings - Multi
  • Whoverse Hoedown by Ladysolique2 - Dr. Who/Torchwood
  • Run This Town-HD by Maej26 - Leverage
  • Zone (Medley) Jay-Z
  • Shes_A_Rebel by kaydee falls Multi
  • On the Prowl by Sisabet & Sweetestdrain- Multi
  • Walking on Sunshine by Di - Modern Family
  • House - Girlfriend by petitecuriousity - House M.D.
  • Dark Knight Toy StoryHD by al28283 - Toy Story
  • One Week - H50 by Nel - Hawaii 5-0 (reboot)
  • Beautiful World by Louise1552 - Doctor Who
  • Fiddler on the Roof - You Got Served Trailer by Mas ACDP
  • What New York Used to Be by Gianduja Kiss - White Collar
  • Waking Up In London by Meghan - Sherlock (
  • How Far We've Come by Astandra Lay - Multi
  • Celebrate-HD by Catemonster - Multi
  • The Golden Age of Video by Ricardo Autobahn - Multi






The event was held in July 2016. Approximately 30 people attended.

Vids shown on Friday at the 2016 convention


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