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Name: Necronomicon
Dates: 1982-
Frequency: annual
Location: Florida (Tampa & St. Petersburg, FL), USA
Type: fanrun fan con
Focus: science fiction, fantasy and horror
Organization: Stone Hill Science Fiction Association
Founding Date:
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Held annually in October in St. Petersburg, FL (held in Tampa through 2007), Necronomicon is Florida's largest fan run science fiction, fantasy and horror convention. It was first held in 1982.

Events at Necronomicon can include, costuming, anime, art show, dealers room, author and artist panels, workshops, video, concerts, and more. If it's fun and related to the SF, fantasy, or horror genres, you'll most likely find it at this convention.


Past guests are listed here.


Con report

During a recent vacation I was able to attend the Necromicon which was held in Tampa. Necromicon's guests of honor were Ben Bova and Terry Pratchett. The convention provided activities for people with a variety of interests. Traditional convention programming was mixed with with an active gaming scheduale. The dealers' room had heavy emphasis on gaming. There was a Doctor Who presence at the convention. The Suncoast Time Council had a table. WUSF-TV, the Tampa PBS station airs Doctor Who regularly. The club had brought a model TARDIS and the first issue of their newsletter.[1]

The report misspells the name of the convention throughout.