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Name: Thandie
Type: vidder, artist
Fandoms: Supernatural, Starsky & Hutch, X-Files
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Thandie is a vidder and fan artist whose vids have appeared at conventions and won awards. Her most active vidding period was between 2006 and 2011.


See You highlander - the tv series | relationship studio | comedy | Cory, Amanda, MacLeod | May 2011 Summary: Overview of Money No Object ( the only Highlander episode I ever watched )

Kinda I Want You (Remastered) the x-files | relationship studio | drama | Mulder, Krycek | May 2010 Summary: Pure unabashed slash to a very suggestive song, that is all

Schism the x-files | relationship studio | drama | character studio | Mulder, Scully, Krycek | April 2010 Summary: "Destiny. Fate. How to throw a curve ball. The inextricable relationships in our lives that are neither accidental nor somehow in our control. " - Fox Mulder

The Mark Has Been Made Martina Cole's The Take | character studio | drama | Freddie, others | December 2010 Summary: Freddie (and all those unlucky people around him).

Mercy sherlock bbc | relationship studio | comedy | Sherlock, Lestrade, John, Molly | August 2010 Summary: Sherlock and his sneaky manipulative ways.

Better version of me sherlock bbc | character studio | episodic | Sherlock, John | August 2010 Summary: About John, and the impact Sherlock has on his life.

Session district 9 | relationship studio | comedy | Starsky, Hutch | March 2010 Summary: brief overview, mostly action-oriented. Focused on Wikus Van De Merwe and his 'awakening'.

You don't have to believe me starsky & hutch | relationship studio | comedy | Starsky, Hutch | February 2010 Summary: Third and final part of the overview. Slash undertones.

Ain't No Reason starsky & hutch | character studio | relationship studio | drama | Starsky, Hutch | February 2010 Summary: Another overview, with a special focus on their bond and how that helps them in their not so easy everyday life. Starsky POV, and Hutch being a "regular ray of sunshine."

Gimme Shelter starsky & hutch | action | overview | drama | Starsky, Hutch | February 2010 Summary: Overview, focused on the action.

Sweet Emotion starsky & hutch | action | Starsky, Torino | January 2010 Summary: Action video, and a tribute to that fantastic car.

The Only Reason supernatural | drama | episodic | Dean, Castiel, Dean/Castiel | December 2009 Summary: Future!Castiel POV during The End.

Roller Coaster supernatural | action | overview | Dean, Sam | October 2009 Summary: He wishes he could fix the world for Dean, wishes he could fix Dean and his sorrows, but he can't. Not here.

Black Velveteen supernatural | action | overview | Dean, Impala | October 2009 Summary: He wishes he could fix the world for Dean, wishes he could fix Dean and his sorrows, but he can't. Not here.

Push It metal gear solid 4 | drama | character studio | action | Raiden, Snake, Vamp | September 2009 Summary: It started as an uncomplicated action video and become a questionable study on PTSD. Story of my life.

Let It Take You supernatural | drama | AU | experimental | Castiel/Dean (one-sided), Sam, Alistair, Jimmy, Ruby | August 2009 Summary: He wishes he could fix the world for Dean, wishes he could fix Dean and his sorrows, but he can't. Not here.

False Keeper, Brother's Witness supernatural | character study | angst | AU | Sam/Ruby, implied Castiel/Dean | July 2009 Summary: AU retelling of the events preceding the apocalypse.

Hands of Death batman: the dark knight | action | character studio | April 2009 Summary: action-oriented video, very light character studio.

Eye for an Eye supernatural | character study | drama | Castiel/Dean, Anna, Sam, Alistair | March 2009 Summary: Castiel-centric video, about self-discovery, fear and doubt. And his own special human.

Protection supernatural | multifandom | experimental | drama | Dean, Sam | February 2009 Summary: About love and sacrifice, damnation and redemption.

Drive - One life, a million endings supernatural | character study | drama | Dean, Sam | February 2009 Summary: Dean-centric video.

None of my Fears are as Dear to Me supernatural | recap | drama | character study | Dean, Sam, Ruby, Castiel, Mary | October 2008 Summary: When hystory repeats.

Damaged supernatural | character study | Dean | September 2008 Summary: Dean-centric video. The title of the song is pretty much the summary.

Can't say goodbye to yesterday supernatural | character study | Sam | September 2008 Summary: This video is about Sam and his journey, pretty simple right?.

In my Hands supernatural | drama | wincest | Sam/Dean & John | August 2008 Summary: Sam and Dean's relationship over the years, and how their lifestyle and the loneliness that comes with it finally bring them to act on their repressed feelings.

Go Baby, Go real person | comedy | Jensen & Jared | July 2008 Summary: Just a silly funny video I made to try my hand at this genre. I could maybe say the main theme behind this is is a look at celebrity status and the constant attention and focus these people are under. A little creepy if you really make yourself think about it. But in this video it's handled really lightly anyway.

You'll Never Miss but I Can supernatural | drama | AU | Sam, Ruby, Bobby & Dean | July 2008 Summary: After Dean's death Sam, haunted by visions and dreams for months, grudgingly agrees to pair up with Ruby, hoping to find a way to bring his brother back. He makes the final decision after seeing Dean, who is not Dean anymore, in a dream.

Kamikaze equilibrium | action | drama | ensemble | July 2008 Summary: A recap video focused on the main character, John Preston.

All the Promises We Make supernatural | angst | recap | Dean & Sam | June 2008 Summary: Dean's last year with Sam.

Unrequited supernatural | relationship study | angst | Jo, Dean, Sam & Ellen | April 2008 Summary: Jo reminiscing about the first time she met Dean at the Roadhouse, and how things didn't end well.

Reign supernatural | action | opening sequence | ensemble | April 2008 Summary: Just my own version of an opening sequence for season 3 of Supernatural.

You See Me, Differently supernatural | drama | relationship study | Dean & Sam | April 2008 Summary: Sam and Dean trying to deal with Dean's incoming death, Sam's POV.

Blackout supernatural | drama | recap | ensemble | March 2008 Summary: Season 3 recap.

Stay Close supernatural | episodic | drama | ensemble | March 2008 Summary: A summary of the beautiful episode "What is and what will never be".

Take Me to the Hospital supernatural | action | drama | Dean, Sam, John & Gordon | March 2008 Summary: Basically a video about the boys kicking ass and getting kicked in return.

Bad Boyfriend x-files | action | AU | Mulder/Krycek | February 2008 Summary: A look at a very disfunctional relationship.

Stranger in a Strange Land supernatural | character study | Dean, Sam & John | February 2008 Summary: Dean's character study. About the aspects that shape him as a person.

The Gallery supernatural | recap | Dean, Sam & John | January 2008 Summary: Season 2 overview.

From the Inside supernatural | AU | Sam, Dean, Gordon, Bobby & Jo | January 2008 Summary: Sam turns darkside after the events of the season 2 finale. At first Dean tries to hide the truth, but when things get worst he searches for help. When Sam discovers he's been betrayed he starts a two-sided hunt with Dean, trying to bring the hunter down but at the same time to keep his brother close.

Mad About You supernatural | AU | angst | Dean/Sam | November 2007 Summary: Sam's feelings for Dean have changed.

Lepcis Magna supernatural | recap | drama | ensemble | October 2007 Summary: Season 1 overview: find Dad.

I Like the Way You Move dark angel | action | character study | ensemble | June 2007 Summary: A video focused on Alec and Ben .

Kind I Want To x-files | action | drama | Mulder/Krycek, Scully, Skinner | April 2007 Summary: Slash video, a look at the dynamic of their relationship.


Supernatural (2007) - "The Gallery", "Stranglehold", "Promise Me Tomorrow Starts with You", "Touched", "Chemistry"

Brokeback Mountain (2006) - "Road to Perdition"

X-Files (2006) - "Schism", "The Big Come Down", "Unfinished", "Big Man with a Gun", "The Hounds of Winter", "Any Minute", "Endless Possibility"

Starsky & Hutch (2006-2007) - "I'll be Fine", "Sweet Emotion", "My Hero", "In my Place", "Speak to Me", "Control", "That's Enough for Me", "Supersonic", "Live with Me"

Once a Thief (the series) (2006) - "I hate to say I told you so", "Firestarter"