Sesame Street

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Name: Sesame Street
Creator: Jim Henson
Date(s): 1969-
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Sesame, Sesame at PBS Kids, Sesame Workshop
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Sesame Street is an educational children's program created by Jim Henson in 1969 and airing on PBS. It introduced characters such as Big Bird, Grover, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and, later, Elmo.

A related fandom is The Muppets.

The "Bert and Ernie Are Gay" Trope

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In 2018, it was revealed that a Sesame Street writer had based Bert and Ernie's interactions on his own relationship with his boyfriend. This led to fans taking it to mean Bert/Ernie was a canon gay couple, and many did not take it well when they were told that this was not the case.


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