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Synonyms: pimping vid, Vidding, promoter vids
See also: Clip Tape, Picspam
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Recruiter vids are songvids that 'sell' a show, or a pairing, to new fans. They may be made specifically for that purpose, using accessible music and careful clip choices -- ones that don't need a deep understanding of the show to make sense, and ones that show the actors, or the pairing, in the best possible light. Others may be made as 'regular' vids, but strike a chord with viewers unfamiliar with the show, who then want to find out more about the source.

There is a big overlap between the idea of a con vid and a recruiter vid.


When [we] talk about vids, we use the term 'promoter vid.' Some vids help 'sell' the fandom to people who have never seen the show--comedy vids are often promoter vids, but even serious ones can be, as long as they don't rely too much on the context of each clip to carry the meaning of the vid. Well, not all vids are promoters; not all stories should work without an underlying knowledge of the fandom, and not all crossovers are/should be designed to work if you have just seen one of the fandoms.[1]

Examples of recruiter vids


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