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Name: roachpatrol
Alias(es): Roach
Type: writer, fanartist
Fandoms: Homestuck
URL: AO3, Twitter @roach_works, LJ
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roach is a BNF fic writer and fan artist in the Homestuck fandom. They formerly used the pseud roachpatrol but has since changed it to roach-works. Roach's fanworks, from fanfiction to fanart, was extremely popular in the fandom. They also collaborated with other Homestuck BNFs such as Tamsyn Muir, formerly urbanAnchorite, and Shelby Cragg, formerly schellibie. They were mainly active between 2011 and 2017.


Roach's fanworks are notoriously dark and gripping, often explicit. They were very active in the Homestuck kinkmeme. Many of their works contained noncon, dubcon, and age difference. For this, they were often targeted by antis and accused of pedophilia, despite several blog posts or asks discussing their trauma with sexual violence.

Example Fanworks