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Personal Fanfiction Website
Author: anatsuno
Dates: 28 November 1999 or before (Wayback capture) - present
Fandom: Harry Potter, Lotrips, Teen Wolf, Inception, others
URL: (Wayback link, 2004)
Main page in 2003
Click here for related articles on Fanlore. was a personal fanfiction site. It was listed as a Harry Potter slash author page at Veela Inc.[1] Back in 2003 the site was both in English and in French. The stories still available in 2021 are all Lotrips.

Later a podfic page was added to the site. It was last updated in 2017.


Fanfic page with updates from 2008.
  • Siva - By anatsuno on November 24, 2008. Summary: Elijah's cranky and petulant, and looks to Viggo for comfort.
Explicit, slash, Viggo/Elijah story written as back-up fic for the 2005 lotrips secret slasha exchange, for rosemending, who wanted "this pairing, or Dom/Elijah, or basically Elijah/anyone" (best undemanding assignment ever). This is the fic I was trying to write for the Lotripping zine that did not manage to finish in time. Big Thanks to esorlehcar for tips on what to write; to her again and telesilla and cindyjade and matildabj and kyuuketsukirui for reassurance, hand-holding and cheering; to diamona for the same and very appreciated beyond-the-call beta notes. Dedicated to both msilverstar & angstslashhope, for it wouldn't have been written without their promptings, though distant in time.
  • Conversion - By anatsuno on November 24, 2008. Summary: Enter Dom. Explicit, slash Dom/Elijah story, remix of Sophrosyne's C-series (treated as one story in 8 sections). "Many thanks for their encouragements to Undone, Jenn, and Dutch_Eowyn; for precious beta comments to Sumbitch, Princessofg, Bunnie, and especially Kyuuketsukirui. In hopes that Soph. can find it in her to not keep this savage... compression, I guess, against me. :)"
  • Thirty-seven - By anatsuno on November 24, 2008. Explicit, slash, alternate universe Dom/Billy story written for Shanalle as part of the lotrips fic exchange Slashababy in December 2003.


podfic page

Fandoms and pairings included:

   1D (1)
   Community (1)
   Doctor Who (1)
   Glee (1)
   Grimm (1)
       Juliette/Nick/Monroe (1)
   Inception (18)
       Ariadne/Arthur (2)
       Ariadne/Eames (1)
       Arthur/Eames (12)
   Merlin (1)
       Arthur/Merlin (1)
   SG:A (4)
       McKay/Sheppard (3)
   Sherlock (BBC) (2)
   Teen Wolf (21)
       Danny/Stiles (1)
       Derek/Jackson (1)
       Derek/Stiles (17)
       Erica/Stiles (1)
       Lydia/Stiles (1)
       packbang (1)
   Teen Wolf RPF (1)
   Terminator (1)


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