The Super-intelligent Shade of Blue Book

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Name: The Super-intelligent Shade of Blue Book
Date(s): 2000s - mid-2010s
Archivist: Anne Phoenix
Founder: Anne Phoenix
Type: fic archive
Fandom: Harry Potter, Alex Rider, X-Files, Merlin (BBC), others
URL: (Wayback archive) (Wayback archive]
Site logo used through early 2004.
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The Super-intelligent Shade of Blue Book (SSBB for short) began as a website for Anne Phoenix's fanfiction (Harry Potter, X-files, Pokémon, and crossover works), but later broadened to a multi-author archive. The archive was majority Harry Potter fics.


The archive went down in early 2005 and all content was lost.[1]


  1. Anne Phoenix (May 28, 2009). "Upgrade". Archived from the original on August 20, 2014. Retrieved March 30, 2019. As some of you will remember, the whole archive was lost in early 2005, together with all my pre-2005 reviews.