Yassen Gregorovich

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Name: Yassen Gregorovich, Yasha Gregorovich, Cossack
Occupation: Assassin, Mercenary
Relationships: Leo Tretyakov (friend), Ilya Platanov (friend), Vladimir Sharkovsky (captor), John Rider (mentor), SCORPIA (employer), Alex Rider (undefined)
Fandom: Alex Rider
Other: DOB: 05/04/1974[citation needed]
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Yassen Gregorovich is a Russian contract killer who made appearances as a secondary antagonist in the Alex Rider franchise. He is also the protagonist of the spinoff novel, Russian Roulette, as well as other short stories such as The White Carnation and Metal Head.


Yassen appears in Stormbreaker and Eagle Strike as part of the main series; he is also mentioned in Scorpia and Snakehead. He is first introduced as Ian Rider's murderer but his affiliation with John Rider complicates things, especially when Alex enters the picture. His reputation as one of the world's best assassins marks him as a dangerous and powerful individual.

Differences in Adaptations

Media Differences in Appearance
Books Blonde/pale hair, blue eyes, ruler-straight scar across the neck
Film/Graphic novels Close-cropped red hair, green/blue eyes
TV Series Black hair, brown eyes, jagged scar running down right side of face

Yassen's appearance varies across the adaptations for the franchise, shown in the table above. Unlike the film and graphic novels, we are not explicitly shown how Yassen kills Ian in the books whilst in the show, this is done during the events of Point Blanc rather than Stormbreaker. It is also implied that Ian and Yassen knew each other to a greater extent in the show than we see in the books or film and graphic novels.


Yassen is indisputably a fandom favourite. Topics fans like to write about include his training under John Rider and his relationship with the Rider family, Alex in particular.


  • Yassen Gregorovich Lives – due to his popularity, fans usually invent all sorts of ways for Yassen to still be alive even though he died in Eagle Strike.
  • Alex Rider & Yassen Gregorovich – fans explore the complex relationship between the two protagonists in the series. Typical ways this is done include:
    • Character parallels
    • Their roles as each other's foils
    • Yassen taking on a parental role in Alex's life
    • Interactions on missions
    • An unexplainable sense of camaraderie


  • Yalex – Yassen/Alex
  • Cosunter – Cossack/Hunter i.e. Yassen/John Rider
  • Yian - Yassen/Ian
  • Yassen Gregorovich/Jack Starbright

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