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Title: Mendeleyevsk
Author(s): Cym
Date(s): 05 January 2021
Length: 2,560 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Mendeleyevsk (AO3)

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Mendeleyevsk is an Alex Rider story by Cym.


Yassen Gregorovich's first mission as something more than an assassin was also a test of his loyalty.

Author's note:

Inspired by a scene in Briarwitched's Dysthymia, when Alex tells Yassen he heard his mother died 6 months after the accident in Estrov, and Yassen thinks that she may have survived for a time.

Recs and Reviews

I don’t want to say much because of spoilers, but this is a twisty, emotional Yassen-centric story that’s very clever and really well-written. Read it, please! Teen, complete. Takes place shortly after John Rider’s death.[1]

A Few Bulbs Short of a Tanning Bed