Of Madness and Mammals

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Title: Of Madness and Mammals
Author(s): Briarwitched
Date(s): 13 December 2018 - present
Length: 432,715 words, WIP
Genre(s): gen
Fandom(s): Alex Rider
External Links: Of Madness and Mammals (AO3)

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Of Madness and Mammals is an Alex Rider series by Briarwitched.

  • Malaise - Yassen knew it wouldn't end well for little Alex. The assassin's dull existence within the secret prison in Gibraltar is disrupted suddenly by the little spy's arrival. Babysitting a traumatized teenager with violent fits, mood swings, and who firmly believes that they're both dead wasn't exactly how Yassen imagined he'd spend his retirement. This stupid family. (77,640 words. Completed: 2019-04-01)
  • Dysthymia - (Sequel to Malaise) Yassen always knew his mid-life crisis would be spectacular. Breaking out of prison was supposed to make things easier. If evading every agency on the planet wasn't hard enough, underestimating Alex's withdrawal, escalating drug use, and physical health's capacity to worsen indefinitely certainly didn't help matters. This is what he gets for getting attached. (179,219 words. Completed: 2020-03-30)
  • Comorbidity - (Sequel to Dysthymia) Yassen always knew Hunter's stupid orphan was going to get him killed. Forced to make a deal with the SVR as a stop gap measure, the contract killer touches down in his homeland, leaping straight from the frying pan and into the fire: while the SVR might be willing to put up with them, that certainly doesn't mean MI6, Scorpia, or even the Russian mob are feeling nearly as forgiving. Destiny is fucking with him again. It's fine. He'll fix it. (Work in progress)

Recs and Reviews

An ongoing series (currently in its third part) that delves into some of the darker implications of Alex’s time with MI6, the long, slow road to recovery and a very different Yassen-Alex dynamic than we typically see. Lots of psychological complexity (the same goes for both of pong’s works) and incredibly high-quality writing. Updates are one of the best parts of my week! Start with Part 1, Malaise. Rated Teen (parts 1 and 3) and Mature (part 2), incomplete. Canon divergence after Scorpia Rising. Updates regularly on Mondays.[1]