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Mailing List
Name: Roughside: The Rougher Side of Harry Potter
Date(s): 24 February 2003 - late May 2006 (mailing list)
30 May 2006 - present (LJ community)
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: gmth, son_of_darkness
Type: fanfiction & fanart
Fandom: Harry Potter
Scope: non-con
URL: roughside at Yahoo! Groups (Wayback)
The Rough Side Archive (defunct)
hp_roughside at LiveJournal / InsaneJournal
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Roughside was a Yahoo! Groups mailing list for "fan fiction and fan art placing characters from the Harry Potter novels in non-consensual sexual situations."[1] The group was deleted by Yahoo in May 2006, and shortly thereafter the hp_roughside LiveJournal community was created as a replacement.[2]

Mailing List

The Roughside mailing list was started on February 24, 2003. It was an adults-only list and membership required approval from the list's moderators. Those who wished to join the list were sent an email "outlining the terms of acceptance" and were required to agree to the terms in a reply to the email before they would be approved.[1]

The mailing list had an associated archive until circa late 2004.[3] The archive was password-protected, and the log-in information was available to list members in the files section of the Yahoo! Group, and starting September 13, 2003, was emailed to each new list member upon approval.[1]

Around 2003, the list held a slavefic Fuh-Q Fest.

The list was deleted by Yahoo in late May 2006. It was maintained by gmth.

Journal Communities

The hp_roughside LiveJournal community was created by gmth on May 30, 2006. In March 2007, son_of_darkness took over as the community's moderator.[4] The community's welcome post states:

"This comm is devoted to HP art and fan fic featuring (among other things) rape fantasy, torture fantasy, bondage, BDSM, heavy fetish, and adult slavery fantasy, i.e., the rough stuff, hence the name. If this is not your thing, please don't bother to read any further."[5]

The community did not allow RPF or photo manips depicting actors from the Harry Potter films. Otherwise, all pairings were permitted, including both het and slash. Fanworks of all ratings were permitted but required to have properly labeled headers that include rating and warnings.[5]

The InsaneJournal community was created by son_of_darkness on August 14, 2007. Membership to the IJ community is open, though the community rules require that all members be 18 or older. The LiveJournal community is almost completely locked to members, and those who wish to join the LJ comm must confirm their age before their request is approved.

The community provides a Master List of Non-Con Fics and Art, which is publicly available at the IJ communitiy, last updated March 11, 2007, but locked at the LiveJournal community.

The IJ community was last updated in October 2010, and the LJ community was last updated in November 2012. Both communities are currently moderated by son_of_darkness.


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