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This article is about the alt.fan.harry-potter information site. You may be looking for the Geocities fansite Hogwarts Library: The Restricted Section.

Name: Hogwarts Library
Owner/Maintainer: Troels Forchhammer, Matt, Bojan, and SteveD3; now hosted by the Harry Potter Lexicon
Dates: March 2003 - 2005 (last updated)
Type: canon resource, newsgroup reference
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/library/
previously at http://www.hogwarts-library.net
Screenshot of the site at the Harry Potter Lexicon.
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The Hogwarts Library is a reference site for the Harry Potter newsgroup alt.fan.harry-potter.


Plans for the site started in January and February 2003.[1] The site was officially launched on March 16, 2003.[2]

In June 2005, the site moved to become a section of the Harry Potter Lexicon. The site went temporarily offline while the move was being planned, when the hogwarts-library.net domain name expired. hogwartslibrary.net was then purchased and pointed to the new hp-lexicon.org/library site, though it too has since expired.[3]

HPL's announcement:

After a few months of working out details, the Lexicon is proud to announce a whole new section, the Hogwarts Library. Some of you might recognize the Library as being the resource website of the alt.fan.harry-potter newsgroup. The Hogwarts Library site has always stood proudly as an independent voice in Harry Potter fandom. Over the years, they have cheerfully and convinvingly taken contrary positions to those of the Lexicon and never feared to offer their own take on Potter research. When it became impossible for the Library to continue as a separate site, I contacted Troels and offered space on the Lexicon to keep the site and that alternative voice alive. I assured him that I didn't expect the Libray to change one iota because of being affiliated with the Lexicon and the Floo Network and that he and the other staff members would have complete freedom to develop their site in any way they chose. In my opinion, there is nothing more exciting and engaging for a scholar/fan than a variety of viewpoints and an open discussion of ideas. I am thrilled to welcome The Hogwarts Library to the Lexicon and I can't wait to see where they take their site. [1]


  • Reference - Frequently asked questions and essays about Harry Potter
    • FAQs
    • Interviews
    • Essays
  • Common Room - Everything you need to know about alt.fan.harry-potter
  • Staff Room - Find out who the Hogwarts Librarians are
  • Leave the Library - Follow a link to another site we liked

Old/planned sections:

  • News - Recent events in the Muggle world
  • Updates - New pages on this site
  • Fiction - Stories and fan-fiction from around the web
  • Bibliographies - The Harry Potter books
  • Encyclopædia - A concise encyclopædia for Potter
  • Movies - Potter on film
  • Trelawney's Tea Parlour - Speculation for future books
  • Pictures - Potter related pictures
  • Online Chat


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