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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Smeared Silver
Author: RainShadow
Dates: 2001 - 2004
Fandom: Harry Potter, Tamora Pierce, Dogma, The West Wing, Saint Tail, Lord of the Rings
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Smeared Silver was a personal slash fanfiction site.

It was a member of the All Harry Potter Slash webring where it was listed with the description:

An archive of RainShadow's work -slash- This website contains original, fanfiction, and slash fanfiction works by the author RainShadow. I'm very partial to Harry/Draco and Seamus/anyone. The count of HP slash stories on my site is ten and growing. Check it out![1]

Harry Potter

Harry Potter fanfiction page
 Rating: R
 Pairing: Cedric/Oliver Slash
 Summary:"Diggory got the Snitch. Wanted a rematch." "Wood's still in the showers. We think he's trying to drown himself." WAS Oliver really trying to drown himself? PWP, showersex! Cowritten by Myndacho and RainShadow. Takes place after Gryffindor lost the match to Hufflepuff in PoA.
 Beware the Sex-Deprived Seamus
 Rating: R
 Pairing: Seamus/? Slash
 Summary:Improv challenge-- don't blame me!!
 Bedroom Eyes~*~Electric Storms
 Rating: PG-13
 Pairing: Draco/Harry Slash
 Summary:dirty words only go so far. breathy sighs say so much more. short, 1st person pov.
 Learning ParadisePrologue~*~ Chapter One~*~ Chapter Two~*~ Chapter Three~*~ Chapter Four 
 Rating: PG-13, R later
 Pairing: Draco/Harry Slash
 Summary: Harry and Draco are exiled to an abandoned island during the heat of the "Final Battle" and are forced to rely on one another while they desperately try to find a way back.
 Silver Lining
 Pairing: Draco/Harry Slash
 Summary: *ahem* Proof that it really *is* better to give than to receive. A fluffy Christmas fic taken one step further ^__^
 Crystal Ball
 Rating:high R
 Pairing: Lavendar/Parvati Slash
 Summary: Lavendar and Parvati find a true love spell and try out. Things don't go *quite* as they expected. lime! f/f
 Dirty Sin
 Pairing: Draco/Harry (sorta slashy)
 Summary: When you're way past the point of purification. Original poem.
 Liquid Fire
 Pairing: Fred/George Slash
 Summary: A Quidditch accident brings pain, healing, and a reminder of what they knew all along. twincest, pretty much pwp.
 "The Harry Factor"
 Pairing: Draco/Harry Slash
 Summary: The Dark Lord bids Draco to set a trap for Harry, and he does, but then he has second thoughts... Will he save Harry in time, and survive in the process?
 Hating This Love
 Pairing: Sirius/Remus Slash
 Summary: A missing-scene fic. Takes place during PoA, before the Shrieking Shack incident. Wherein Sirius visits Remus, who doesn't know Sirius is innocent.
 Sleeping With the Enemy ~*~ Part 2~*~ Part 3~*~ Part 4~*~ Part 5~*~ Part 6~*~ Alternate Part 6~*~ Part 7~*~ Part 8~*~ Cookie scene; Part 8~*~ Part 9~*~ Part 10~*~ Extended Scene~*~ Epilogue~*~FINISHED*
 Rating: R, for mature themes
 Pairing: Draco/Harry Slash
 Summary: Harry. Draco. A terrifying cult. Trust. Kinkiness. Intrigued yet? Rather dark, bad things happen.
 My Fire, My Love (WiP)~*~ Part 2~*~ Part 3~*~ Part 4~*~ Part 5~*~ Part 6~*~ Part 7~*~ Part 8~*~ Part 9~*~ Part 10
 Pairing: Draco/Harry Slash, (Hermione/Ron, Dean/Seamus, Neville/Percy, Lavendar/Parvati)
 Summary: Focuses on Harry and Draco's secret relationship, how it becomes not-so-secret. Includes a bit o' Seamus interfering, and (the plot!) a jealous Pansy intent on ruining everything, possibly killing Harry!
 Finding Trouble and Truth
 Pairing: Seamus/Dean, (Lavendar/Parvati, Fred/George, Percy/Neville, Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione) contains Slash
 Summary: A filler for My Fire, My Love, basically what is happening to the other characters during "MFML". Some of these pairings may or may not actually *occur*... there's just the possibility so far... ^_~
 Temptation in the Form of a Finnigan~*~Part 2~*~Part 3~*~Part 4~*~Part 5~*~Part 6~*~Part 7~*~Part 8~*~Part 9~*~Part 10~*~ *FINISHED* Rating:PG-13
 Pairing: Seamus/Harry, (Ron/Hermione) Slash
 Summary: Seamus overhears Harry talking to Ron and discovers Harry's available to him ^__^. He then launches a desperate effort to get Harry into bed with him. Hilarity ensues, as Dean, Neville, Ron, and Harry must deal with the wild Finnigan. 

Tamora Pierce

 Rating: PG-13, R-ish
 Pairing: Roger/Thom Slash
 Summary: Inspired by pages 158-160 from "Lioness Rampant". Duke Roger wants something more from Thom then he expects. Slight Non-con. The ending of Lioness Rampant is changed slightly in this. Sequel coming this summer.
 Rating: PG (angst)
 Pairing: None
 Summary: Alanna says goodbye to Thom... A little sad. It's a songfic, written to A Perfect Circle's "Thomas" 


 Rating:PG-13, (some swearing)
 Pairing: Loki/Bartleby Slash
 Summary: Loki and Bartleby, at a bowling alley, where they spot an old friend of theirs. What consequences will his presence spark?
 In the Darkness 
 Rating:PG-13, (some swearing)
 Pairing: Loki/Bartleby Slash
 Summary:A missing scene of sorts, when Bartleby cuts Loki's wings off. *shrugs* I like it.
 Rating:PG-13, (some swearing)
 Pairing: Loki/Bartleby Slash
 Summary: Warning! Pointless Fluff inside! This is in the same universe as "Mortal Advantages" but you could probably get away with not reading it. Little bit of kink, too. A conversation one morning between Loki and Bartleby.
 Mortal Advantages~*~>2<~*~>3<~*~>4<
 Rating: R
 Pairing:Loki/Bartleby Slash
 Summary: Loki and Bartleby, back in Wisconsin *sigh* But will Loki forgive Bartleby? Can he forgive himself? Plus, of course, chicken noodle soup and good slashy fun!*FINISHED*

The West Wing

 Coffee and Cinnamon Rolls
 Pairing: Josh/Donna
 Summary: Josh/Donna romance. Not set in any particular time frame. It's really late, and Josh decides to do something nice for Donna. Kind of mushy--watch out.
 Whole Again
 Pairing: Josh/Donna
 Summary:2 weeks after the assassination attempt, Josh Lyman returns to work and finds that he missed Donna, and she missed him. 

Saint Tail

 Melodies of the Wind~*~Chapter 2~*~Chapter 3 
 Pairing: Meimi/Asuka Jr.
 Summary:Saint Tail and her detective expand on their relationship, and Meimi has a hard time keeping her emotions in check. Meanwhile, a new villian becomes aware of Saint Tail... 

Lord of the Rings

 Interlude in Imladris 
 Pairing: Frodo/Sam Slash
 Summary:For Sam, it was the way he said his name, his porcelain skin and knowing mind, that bound him to Frodo. Rivendell. Light always conquers Dark.
 Good Sam
 Pairing: Frodo/Sam? Not slash, maybe preslash but not really
 Summary:Introspective TTT piece, more of a character exploration than anything else. "Apologies fell easily from his lips, and nothing could take away the satisfaction of causing pain."


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