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Name: Tamora Pierce
Also Known As: Tammy
Occupation: novelist
Medium: books, audiobooks, comics
Works: Song of the Lioness, The Immortals, Circle of Magic, Protector of the Small, Daughter of the Lioness, The Circle Opens, Provost's Dog, The Will of the Empress, Melting Stones, White Tiger (see Tortall)
Official Website(s): http://www.tamora-pierce.net/ http://tammypierce.livejournal.com
Fan Website(s): http://steelsings.com
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Tamora Pierce is the author of 25 fantasy novels for young adults, mainly in the Tortall universe. Best known for writing stories featuring young heroines as protagonists, Pierce has become a prominent feminist voice in the online YA literature community, co-founding Sheroes Central with fellow YA author Meg Cabot.

Pierce is friendly and accessible to her fans and encourages her fandom. As a teenager she wrote Star Trek, Heinlein, and Bradbury fanfiction, among others, but was unaware of fandom. She says her early experiences make her sympathetic to her fans. Sheroes Central for a time allowed members to post fanfic based on her books, until a sister-site, Sheroes Fans, was created, in part to host members' creative endeavours. She was active in discussions on Sheroes Central, and would sometimes give out deuterocanonical information about her characters' lives, families, and further adventures. In 2006 she was forced to hand the site over to a nonprofit group (Sheroes Inc.) for legal reasons, which is around the time she started using Livejournal.

(Accessibility to fans, her LJ blogs, full-cast audiobooks, White Tiger, etc.)

Her personal LJ blog (as opposed to the official one, which she self-censors a little) is http://tammy212.livejournal.com

As well as Sheroes Central and Steelsings, other notable fansites include The Dancing Dove (now defunct, I think) and Goldenlake. There is a reasonable-sized community on both FF.net and Livejournal.

Policy on Fanfic

Her policy, at least as stated in 2001 is here: FanWorks.org :: Fan Works Inc. - Help & Tools Index, Archived version

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