The Dancing Dove

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Name: The Dancing Dove
Date(s): 2003-2008
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Kes, HuntressDiana, Lady Queenscove, Seereth, LeaThing, CandiceTheGreat, CreamoftheCake, Kitty Ryan, Keltaline, Pokkie, AmazonDreamer, LapisNebula, Reaya, Lady of the Lilacs
Founder(s): caitiedidit
Type: ezboard (now yuku)
Fandom: Tamora Pierce
Scope: Tortall and Emelan series, fanfiction, fanart, debate
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The Dancing Dove was a Tamora Pierce forum hosted on ezboard. It was founded by caitiedidit during the summer of 2003 as a place to discuss Pierce's YA fantasy novels.


The Dancing Dove was named after the pub used as headquarters by the King of Thieves in Pierce's Song of the Lioness novels, and many aspects of the board were themed to that effect. Members, who referred to themselves as "Dovers", used Rogue-inspired lingo and offered each other virtual ale or lemonade. The board's rules were referred to as "the code." Post-counts started at Pickpocket, ended at Trickster, and were embellished with graphics of coins and gems. Banned trolls were represented by pixel art severed ears. The vast majority of these graphics were made by CandiceTheGreat.


Keladry's fan society icon
At the time, most Tamora Pierce fandom communities focused on role playing. The Dancing Dove focused more heavily on fanfiction. There was a forum specifically for the discussion of fanfiction and writing, as well as a monthly fanfiction challenge called The Seanfhocal Circle (created by moderator Kitty Ryan). The Dove also hosted the Tortallan/Circle of Heroes fanfiction awards (created by HuntressDiana) for several years, as well as multiple board and member-sponsored fanfiction challenges, exchanges, and ficathons.
Dom Is Bland, Dude (DIB'D) icon

One of the most popular activities on the forum was creating and joining "societies," fan clubs of Dancing Dove members who loved or hated particular things. The first two societies were formed as a result of repetitive arguments between the fans and detractors of Pierce's most recent (at the time) heroine, Keladry of Mindelan. Most members claimed membership in either the Keladry Bashing Brigade (KBB) or the Keladry of Mindelan Appreciation Society (KoMAS). New societies for other characters and ships quickly emerged, as well as more all-encompassing societies like the Sees Everyone's Point of View (SEPoV) society to encourage respectful discussion or the Sick Fuck Faction (SFF) society for the proudly dirty-minded members of the Dove. Members made swag for their societies and referenced them in their signatures and icons.[1]

Also popular was the board's active chatroom.


The Dancing Dove's decline in activity corresponded with fandom's migration to LiveJournal, and ezboard's transition to Yuku unofficially disbanded the board in 2008. (Yuku ultimately failed and was acquired in 2011, presumably for its residual ad revenue, by a sketchy company that primarily invests in online gambling and cannabis websites.) Goldenlake was founded on proboards around this time by former Dancing Dove and Steelsings members.


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