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Name: Tortall
Creator: Tamora Pierce
Date(s): 1983 -
Medium: book
Country of Origin: United States
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Tortall is a fictional universe in which Tamora Pierce has based many of her YA fantasy series.[1]

Because many of Pierce's books are aimed at ages 12-17, the works in the Tortall universe often function as a gateway fandom.

The Song of the Lioness

The Immortals

Protector of the Small


Provost's Dog

The Numair Chronicles

Example Fanworks

  • Fallen by Confusedknight, Kel gets kicked out of page training and becomes entangled with the people of Scanra, Kel/Dom (Protector of the Small, 2006-2007).
  • Teacher by Loten, a redux of the Immortals series from Numair's POV, Numair/Daine (Immortals, 2009).

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