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Synonyms: EFG
See also: Big Name Fan
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Elite Fan Group is a term used by some Australian Doctor Who fans, perhaps others.

"It has traditionally, though far from exclusively, been attached to prominent Sydney fans. There have been many a vitriolic debate over EFGs in the letter pages of Data Extract, the newsletter of the Doctor Who Club of Australia (DWCA). Occasionally the EFG debate mutated into a New South Wales versus Victoria slanging match... The term EFG was first used in 1991 in the letter column 'Think Tank' in Data Extract #83, and has stuck in the mind of Australian fandom ever since. The author of the letter was a ‘Peter Everingham’, who doesn’t exist (though the name has popped up in 'Think Tank' a number of times)." [1]

Doctor Who Club of Victoria put out a zine, EFG in response to tensions in the fandom.


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