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Name: Gryffindor Tower
Date(s): 08 September 2001 - 03 October 2003
Archivist: The Queens of H/G, others
Founder: Firebolt909, Imogen, Chryslin & Ashwinder
Type: Harry/Ginny fanworks and discussion
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: via the Wayback Machine
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Gryffindor Tower was a Harry Potter archive and community for the Harry/Ginny ship.

The Queens of H/G

The "Queens of H/G" (QoHG) was a self-coined term for the group of GT administrators. The original "Queens" were Imogen, Firebolt909 (Paula), Chryslin (Sue), and Ashwinder (Anne), the founders of the archive. An early version of the archive FAQ stated:

"The Queens of H/G, also referred to as the QoHG, are four like-minded individuals who happened across each other in the great kingdom of fanfiction. [...] They began to call themselves 'Queens' as a harmless joke and no offense is meant to any actual Queens, Kings, or other monarchs and members of the nobility. We are but simple folk who enjoy frivolous things such as writing, reading, and discussing the Harry Potter series."[1]

Marian, Carissa, Amy and Caitlyn later "became friends with the original queens, passed a rigorous and highly secret initiation, and became queens themselves."[2]


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The site grew out of the queensofhandg Yahoo! Group, started by Imogen and Firebolt909 in July 2001. Chryslin and Ashwinder soon joined the group, and the four founded the Gryffindor Tower archive.[1] The archived opened on September 8, 2001.[3][4]

  • hatred of slash fic
  • supposed link the MsScribe fiasco (PottersGinny)
  • prudish (?) nature (smut was locked behind a password)
  • "Ginny! Harry! Babies! Bring on the babies!"


On September 20, 2003 a statement on the GT website and associated LiveJournal journal announced that Gryffindor Tower would be closing.[5][6] The site was officially closed on October 3, 2003.[7]

The official statement released by the site's moderators states:

At 11:30pm on the 19th September 2003, the death knell sounded for The exact details are messy, convoluted and largely irrelevant in the light of the greater picture but, needless to say, sides were taken, battle lines were drawn, and friendships were destroyed. The battleground was SQL and PHP, the weapons were passwords, tech support and administrative privileges, and the combatants were people who should never have had to go to war with each other. Sadly, the casualty was Gryffindor Tower.[5]

Further details were revealed at the Yahoo! group[8] and by individual moderators, which have been consolidated at Gryffindor Tower's article at the Fandom Wank wiki.

After the closure of GT, Anne and Marian went on to start the multifandom archive


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