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Name: Imogen
Alias(es): Elenarda, stolensocks
Type: fan writer, site administrator
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Twilight
Communities: Gryffindor Tower, Elenarda
URL: (defunct)

Fanfiction at:

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Imogen was a fan writer predominately in the Harry Potter fandom. She was a administrator and founding member of the Harry/Ginny archive Gryffindor Tower.

Her profile states:

"I'm not writing fanfic any more these days, so anything that's unfinished is likely to remain so. I've had a fab time and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know a lot of you. Thanks for all your feedback and for enjoying this right along with me. Always good to hear from people, so feel free to drop me a line."

Fannish History

On an "All about me" page on Imogen's website, she wrote (circa 2003):

In real life I teach High School English language and literature from Year 7 (11 year olds) through to Year 13 (A2 Level at 18). [...]

I've always loved writing, but got back to it after a very long absence in April 2001 with a spot of Harry Potter fanfiction. I started writing it initially after I set a Year 7 class a homework piece to 'write the next chapter after Goblet of Fire' and said I'd do a chapter as well. As it turns out I got the class hooked, and they wanted more. So I kept writing what is posted on the internet as 'Carpe Diem' on the condition that if they all handed in their homework, they got another chapter every week until the end of term. And they all did. In fact, one Friday I'd forgotten to set homework and the entire class turned up on Monday morning having done something over the weekend!

Although still writing the fanfiction and being a founding member of, I've moved on to writing my own original stories. As ever, they're fantasy stories, based partly in the real world and the rest in the magical land of Elenarda.[1]


Imogen is best known for her popular Harry/Ginny stories Carpe Diem and Alpha and Omega and their related 'verse.

She wrote a short Twilight story in 2006 called Falling.


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