Charlotte Lennox

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Name: Charlotte Lennox, the Loquacious Duchess of Richmond
Alias(es): unknown
Type: Meta, Pseud, Sockpuppet
Fandoms: Harry Potter
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A more than usually pseudonymous fan who adopted the name "Charlotte Lennox, the Loquacious Duchess of Richmond" in order to publish a long account[1] of Msscribe's history in Harry Potter fandom, entitled The MsScribe Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography[2]. The account portrays Ms. Scribe as engaging in a protracted series of deceptions in order to achieve and maintain popularity within that fandom. Although not uncontroversial, the account is widely accepted as fundamentally true in its essentials.

It is assumed that Charlotte Lennox uses another identity within fandom. This identity is much speculated at, but not publicly known.

At least one fan thought that Lennox was Carlanime, the same person as the fan who wrote the Mina de Malfois fics. [3]


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