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Name: Sue
Alias(es): Chryslin
Type: fan writer, moderator
Fandoms: Harry Potter
Communities: Gryffindor Tower
URL: chryslin at FanFiction.Net
Chryslin at Gryffindor Tower (defunct)
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Chryslin was a Harry Potter fan writer. She was a founding member and "Queen" of the Harry/Ginny archive Gryffindor Tower until late 2001, when she left fandom after her husband was discovered to be harassing Cassandra Claire.[1]

Chryslin briefly returned to the Gryffindor Tower forums in June 2003,[2] but never resumed her fanfiction.


Chryslin was best known for her story Deconstructing Harry, which was based on Imogen's Carpe Diem series. She also wrote an unfinished WIP called "Politics of Dancing"; in a 2004 response to FanFiction.Net reviews of the story, Chryslin wrote:

"Thank you for all the great reviews. Unfortuntely [sic] I ran out of H/G steam a long time ago and with the demise of [GT?], I've totally lost my will to H/G. I just had to write and apologize to those who asked for an update - I always HATED it when someone dropped a story in the middle. But thanks anyway."[3]

As a Gryffindor Tower mod, Chryslin also wrote a chapter of the collaborative story Socks, Sex and Snitches, based on the "Socks, Sex, and S..." series by Imogen and Firebolt909.

Chryslin's stories were also hosted at The Sugar Quill and listed under their "Professor's Bookshelf," but they were removed by the Sugar Quill mods after the stalking incident.[4][5] Her stories remained up at Gryffindor Tower until its closure in 2003, and can still be found at


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