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Name: Paula
Alias(es): Firebolt909
Type: fan writer, moderator
Fandoms: Harry Potter
Communities: Gryffindor Tower
URL: Fic at and Sugar Quill
Firebolt909 at Gryffindor Tower (defunct)
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Firebolt909 (a.k.a. Paula) is a Harry Potter fan writer. She was a founding member and "Queen" of the Harry/Ginny archive Gryffindor Tower.


Paula wrote in her Sugar Quill "Wizard Portraits" biography:

"[I first discovered Harry Potter in] January 2001- I kept on seeing all these Hogwarts pictures everywhere and thought it looked cool. I really wanted a t-shirt, but wanted to know exactly what Hogwarts was. I bought the paperback of SS [Sorcerer's Stone] in Borders one day and during a bout of pneumonia, I had finished all four books. All I can say is thank God, delivers."[1]

Gryffindor Tower

Paula started the queensofhandg Yahoo! Group with Imogen in July 2001.[2] They started Gryffindor Tower in September with Chryslin and Ashwinder, who had soon joined the group.

In September 2003, conflicts among the administrators of GT led the site to close. In the midst of the wank, an angry email from Paula to the other mods was made public. In the email, Paula declared that she "want[ed] no part whatsoever to do with GryffindorTower anymore," and she remained true to her word, declining to participate in or discuss the wank further.[3][4]


Paula is best known for her 2001 Harry/Ginny story The Chaser and its sequel, The Captain. The infrequent updates of The Captain led to an in-joke at Gryffindor Tower about "lying on the common room floor." The site's FAQ explains: "[Harry lying on the common room floor] comes from The Captain by Firebolt909. She ended a chapter in which Ginny punched out Harry in the common room and then didn't update for MONTHS. Thus we refer to those uncompleted stories that haven't been updated in a while as being on the common room floor."[5]

She has also written a number of other H/G stories, including and outtake to Imogen's Carpe Diem, as well as one Remus Lupin-centric story, La Belle et La Bête, and a retelling of Ginny's first year with Tom Riddle's diary, Dear Tom.


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