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This page is about the fandom. For the Professionals fanfic, see Gone with the Wind (Professionals story).

Name: Gone with the Wind
Abbreviation(s): GWTW
Creator: Margaret Mitchell
Date(s): 10 June 1936 (novel), 15 December 1939 (film)
Medium: novel, film
Country of Origin: United States
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Gone with the Wind is a 1936 novel set in the Southern United States during the American Civil War and Reconstruction. It was adapted into an immensely popular and award-winning 1939 film starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable.


Online Fandom

Most fanworks center around Scarlett O'Hara, who is widely considered a fascinating(ly unlikable) character. Rhett, Melanie, and Ashley also commonly feature in fanworks, and the fandom's most popular ships are various combinations of these four characters.

The canon (though turbulent) Rhett/Scarlett pairing can be considered the fandoms' juggernaut ship, with the most popular alternative being the femslash Scarlett/Melanie ship. The canon Ashley/Melanie is also popular, often as a background pairing. Rhett/Ashley and Rhett/Melanie can also be found, and there is fanfiction exploring Scarlett and Ashley's feelings for one another—though, like in canon, the pairing usually isn't endgame.

Gone with the Wind has been a popular Yuletide fandom since the challenge's inception in 2003. Fifteen Gone with the Wind fics have been written for challenge as of 2015.[1]

Some fans have expressed their reluctance to become involved with Gone with the Wind fandom due to the issues present in the original canon (most notably racism, in both the depictions of black characters and the glorification of the American South/Confederacy, also rape-as-love/sexual assault perpetrated by the romantic lead). For example, one fan writes on an anon meme:

"I kind of hate that GWTW is GWTW because I don't want to deal with it's [sic] issues and I also don't want to ignore it's issues, so I find myself never really getting fannish in public about it."[2]

Gone with the Wind fanworks are frequently based on the novel (rather than the film), and thus it is sometimes considered a rarelit fandom.

Collecting, Costuming, & "Windies"

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Outside of fic fandom, Gone with the Wind is notable for its contingent of "superfans" known as Windies. Windies have received mainstream media attention for having intensive Gone with the Wind memorabilia collections, recreating costumes from the film, arranging fan "gatherings", and similar fan activities.[3][4]

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A Pro Book

"The Wind Done Gone" by Alice Randall (2001) is a professionally-published book and is an alternate view of "Gone with the Wind." It tells the story of the life of one of her slaves, Cynara, during the same time period and events. This book comes up often in fannish discussion regarding the legitimacy and definition of fanfic, and is used as an example of the fine line between fan-written fanfic and "mainstream" fanfic.

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