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Name: The Draco Trilogy Archives
Dates: c. 2005 - 2008 (?)
Type: The Draco Trilogy fansite
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: Website via the Wayback Machine
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The Draco Trilogy Archives was a fansite for Cassandra Claire's epic Harry Potter fanfiction, The Draco Trilogy. It primarily contained fanfiction and fanart created by fans of the trilogy, using the trilogy as their canon. It also contained a section for fanworks based on Cassandra Claire's other fanfiction.

The site was "affiliated" with author Cassandra Claire, but it was not run by her (or at least not exclusively). A disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage stated: "The Draco Trilogy belongs to Cassandra Claire. Please note that while this site is affliated [sic] with Cassie, Cassie is not responsible for it."[1]

This site is documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.

Fanart Section

The fanart section of the site contained links to hundreds of Draco Trilogy-inspired art, including the official chapter illustrations as linked to in the text.[2] The art was sorted by scene (chapter) as well as character(s) depicted. Much of the art was located at the Paradigm of Uncertainty Art Yahoo! group, which also stores art for the Draco Trilogy.[3]

This section also listed the trilogy's "authorized illustrators" as Monica Starling, Bhanesidhe, Beancurd Boy, Alicey, Starlette, and Alessandra Sunk.

Fanfiction Section

The fanfiction section of the site included links to fics, spoofs, spinoffs, and scenes ("alternate and otherwise") of the Draco Trilogy. It also links to the dracotrilogy LiveJournal group for additional fanfiction.

The page linked to the following works:[4]


  • The Last One is Mercy Part One: The Hidden Grail by A.L.Milton - a loose prequel to the Draco Trilogy, concerned with the Founders


  • In Which Draco Realizes Why He Is So Fond of Green Umbrellas: DV1 Alternate Scene by Cassie and Rhysenn [*]
  • DS Slash by seren_himitsu
  • DV7 Alternate Scene by Aja and Jen [*]
  • He Love Fierce: DV10 by reena
  • Fuse: DV11 by reena


* Fic marked with an asterisk were removed from the site by 30 June 2008, by which time the Draco Trilogy and Cassandra Claire's other fanworks were removed from the internet.[5]


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