Salazar Slytherin

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Name: Salazar Slytherin
Occupation: wizard, teacher
Title/Rank: Founder of Hogwarts, Slytherin house
Location: Hogwarts
Status: Pure-blood, Deceased
Relationships: Godric Gryffindor (co-Founder), Helga Hufflepuff (co-Founder), Rowena Ravenclaw (co-founder)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Other: born c. 10th Century; died unknown
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Salazar Slytherin is a character in the Harry Potter Series


Salazar is one of the four founders of Hogwarts and founded the house Slytherin, the house of determination and cunning.

Unlike the other founders, he didn’t want to accept Muggle-born students to Hogwarts and thought them to be untrustworthy. Salazar created the Chamber of Secrets that contained a basilisk and left Hogwarts.


Fanfictions with him are usually set in the Founders Era.

Time Travel is another popular trope, Salazar travels to the future or characters from another time travel to the past, that way Salazar gets to interact with more known characters. Another common way to do that is by making him immortal, that way he also gets in contact with other known characters.


Salazar is most commonly shipped with his co-Founders, Godric/Salazar being the most popular ship.

In Time Travel scenarios he also gets shipped with other characters for example Harry/Salazar or Hermoine/Salazar





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