Rita Skeeter

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Name: Rita Skeeter
Occupation: Journalist
Relationships: Rita Skeeter & Hermione Granger; Rita Skeeter & Harry Potter
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Rita Skeeter is a minor character in the Harry Potter series. She is first introduced in The Goblet of Fire.


Rita Skeeter is a journalist for The Daily Prophet, although she does freelance work later in the series. She is introduced as a journalist interviewing Harry about the Triwizard Tournament. Her questions are pointed, even aggressive and she notably uses a Quick-Quotes Quill that records inflammatory information instead of verbatim quotes. At one point, she drags Harry into a closet for an interview and asks for a word. He gives her the word "Goodbye." However, some of Skeeter's information is accurate and damning. At the end of the novel, Hermione reveals that Skeeter is an unlicensed Animagus - that is, she can turn into a beetle to listen in on people. Harry remembers a beetle being suspiciously persistent after the second task. Hermione captured Skeeter in a jar and blackmailed her with the knowledge of her unlicensed status (a crime worth six months in Azkaban).

In The Order of the Phoenix, Skeeter writes an article for The Quibbler about Harry Potter's account of Voldemort's return to power and murder of Cedric Diggory.


Rita Skeeter often features as a supporting character in fanfiction. Stories where she is the main character often make use of journalism as a plot point.

Rita Skeeter is a subject of shipping, but no single pairing is prominent and few even number in the double digits on Archive of Our Own. However, there are a fair amount of rare pair ships featuring Skeeter.

fanonical, a multiple-moderator tumblr blog, has discussed how the canonical descriptions of Rita Skeeter as both mannish and very feminine make her seem like a transmisogynistic caricature.[1] The idea of Rita as trans-coded or a trans caricature has been discussed further by other current and former members of the Harry Potter fandom, especially in regards to the wider discussion on Rowling's transphobia.

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