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Name: Gilderoy Lockhart
Occupation: hospital patient; previously: Defence Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts, author, con artist
Relationships: two non-magical sisters
Fandom: Harry Potter
Other: born c. 1964
portrayed by Kenneth Branagh in the CoS film
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Gilderoy Lockhart is a character from the Harry Potter series. He is the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Canon Overview

Lockhart fanart by Makani.

Lockhart is introduced as the vainglorious and celebrity-hungry author of a number of popular wizarding books, most of which tell tales of his heroic defeat of dangerous creatures. He becomes Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts for Harry's second year. He proves himself to be an inept teacher and is later confirmed to be a fraud who performed none of the impressive feats he describes in his books, but rather modified the memories of the individuals who actually did, in order to take credit for their accomplishments.

Lockhart was able to maintain his façade in part because he was charming and handsome. Both Hermione and Mrs. Weasley were strongly implied to have fancied him before it was revealed that he was a fraud.

When attempting to modify Harry and Ron's memories at the end of Chamber of Secrets, Lockhart's spell backfires and instead erases his own memory. In Order of the Phoenix, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny again cross paths with Lockhart, who has still not recovered his memory and is a patient in the long-term residents ward of St. Mungo's Hospital, alongside Frank and Alice Longbottom. J.K. Rowling has stated that Lockhart will never regain his memory, adding, "He's happy where he is, and I'm happier without him!"[1]

Fan Response

Many fans find Lockhart amusing and he occasionally features in humour fanworks, but he is rarely the subject of serious analysis or character studies.


Because of Lockhart's canonical vanity and narcissism, Lockhart/himself is a popular subject of fanworks. Frequently, this involves Lockhart being in love with or sexually attracted to his own reflection: I See Perfection by Fanservice (2003) is one Gilderoy/mirror fanfic example, and Narcissus by Odella (2007, NSFW) is a fanart example. Dream Date by tripperfunster (2010) is another creative (and worksafe) fanart interpretation of Lockhart/Lockhart masturbation. Occasionally, Lockhart/Lockhart manifests as selfcest by magical means, such as doppelgangers, Time-Turners, or Polyjuice Potion.[2] Lockhart/himself has its own FictionAlley SCUSA thread with the pairing name "HMS Mirror Image".[3]

Aside from shipping Lockhart with himself (implicitly or explicitly), Snape/Lockhart is decidedly the most popular Lockhart pairing. It is largely based on the animosity Snape showed toward Lockhart in Chamber of Secrets. Other relatively common slash pairings include Lucius Malfoy/Lockhart, which has a small LiveJournal community dedicated to it called blond_ambition_,[4] and Lockhart/Voldemort, which is usually considered a crack pairing.[5]

For het, Lockhart/Rita Skeeter is the most common pairing, usually based on their shared ambition and focus on their own self-interests.[6] Lockhart is also sometimes paired with his canonical fans, including Hermione Granger and Molly Weasley.[7]

Lockhart is also shipped in myriad other rarepairs. Lockhart/Dudley Dursley and Lockhart/Penelope Clearwater are two examples that appeared in early fanfiction.[8]

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