Gilderoy Lockhart Fuh-Q-Fest

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Name: Gilderoy Lockhart Fuh-Q-Fest
Date(s): 2003
Moderator(s): Michael Chance
Type: Fuh-Q Fest
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: lockhartfics
URL: (Wayback Machine link)
Fest banner designed as a Gilderoy Lockhart book.
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The Gilderoy Lockhart Fuh-Q-Fest was a Harry Potter Fuh-Q Fest for the character Gilderoy Lockhart. The fest was run by the lockhartfics mailing list, and the fest's webpage was hosted on a section of Chance's Slash Archive, at the time located at SlashCity.

The challenge was open to both fanfiction and fanart, though only four fics and no art were submitted for the fest.

Rules & Timeline

The fest was originally conceived as occurring in waves. The First Wave of the fest ran from June 7, 2003 to September 25, 2004.[1] After the end of the First Wave, the rules on the fest webpage were updated to state: "There are currently no waves for this fest, you send in the story once you've finished it and I'll put it up asap."[2] This was possibly done to allow delayed participants to finish and encourage additional participants; there were only two stories submitted before the First Wave deadline.

The fest provided pairing and scenario ideas to serve as prompts, but the requirements were flexible. The rules stated: "You can either pick a scenario (or multiple scenarios), a pairing (or multiple pairings), or a scenario coupled with a pairing. In short, anything goes."[3] This was later updated to clarify: "You can use any pairing you want to, even if they're not listed, either het or slash."[2] Though not stated explicitly, gen stories were also accepted.

Participants were at first instructed to post their submissions to the lockhartfics list, from where they would be posted to the fest archive, but this was later amended to allow submissions to be emailed directly to the fest archivist. During the First Wave of the fest, participants were asked not to post their works anywhere else until the wave was over. This rule was revoked once the fest stopped using waves.

All stories were required to be beta-read and to include a disclaimer.

Pairings & Scenarios

The fest provided prompts in the form of suggested pairings and scenarios. Participants in the challenge were asked to pick at least one pairing or scenario to incorporate in their work.

27 characters were suggested as "Easy" options to pair with Lockhart:

Severus Snape | Albus Dumbledore | Lucius Malfoy Harry Potter | James Potter | Sirius Black | Remus Lupin | Neville Longbottom | Voldemort | Barty Crouch | Ludo Bagman | The Weasley Twins | Draco Malfoy | Ron Weasley | Charlie Weasley | Bill Weasley | Argus Filch | Hagrid | Oliver Wood | Peter Pettigrew | Percy Weasley | Arthur Weasley | Flitwick | Justin Finch-Fletchley | Sybill Trelawney | Hermione Granger | Poppy Pomfrey

9 characters were suggested as "Difficult" options: Tom Riddle, a unicorn, Rita Skeeter, one of the ghosts, a portrait character, Lockhart himself, a House Elf, a Gringotts Goblin, and a Hag.

58 scenarios and 3 Art Challenges were also provided. A full list of scenarios can be seen at the Challenges page (last archived by the Wayback Machine on 20 June 2006).

Fanworks Submitted

The following fanfics were written for the fest and hosted on the fest archive:

First Wave

  • Lockhart's Dairy by Kitty-Rose (August 2003)
    No pairing. Gilderoy kept a diary during Chamber of Secrets, and here it is. Uses scenario:
16) Lockhart's diary, v. v. Bridget Jones style. Can be written in any period (pre-fame, during the height of his popularity, during CoS, After Memory Charm).
  • To Appreciate by Kitsuchi (September 2003)
    Lockhart/Rita Skeeter. Gilderoy wants to learn, and Rita Skeeter is all too ready to teach.

Subsequent Stories

16) Lockhart's diary, v. v. Bridget Jones style. Can be written in any period (pre-fame, during the height of his popularity, during CoS, After Memory Charm)
22) When Lockhart arrives at St. Mungos, they find out he is pregnant, but he has no idea who the father is, how it happened and so on. Who is the father? And either how did it come about or what happens now? (Or both)
39) Lockhart starts a brand new career, and it appears that he is just as successful at it as he was at his previous one. The question is: have his methods changed?
  • Loving Myself by Fabiola Yume (October 2003)
    GL/Himself (portrait), using prompts Difficult pair 5 (a portrait character) and 6 (himself). It's not a secret that Lockhart finds himself very handsome. Will he be able to love himself?

Site Content & Links

screenshot of fest hompage (archived 29 January 2004)

The main page of the challenge archived linked to the Lockhartfics mailing list; the Updates section linked to Chance's Slash Archive's links page, which included a number of Snape/Lockhart fics, and the fanvid "Mr. Gilderoy Lockhart" by Dr. Fidelius (misattributed to "Dr Fideous"), also hosted at Chance's Slash Archive.

The other sections of the site were:


  1. The updated fest homepage in early 2004 stated: "The First Wave was from June 7th 2004 and ended on September 25th 2004." This is apparently a typo; the archive page lists the stories as having been submitted from October to September 2003.
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