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Name: Heather Campbell[1]
Alias(es): Makani
Type: fan artist, occasional essayist
Fandoms: Harry Potter, others
Communities: acciobrain!
URL: buttfacemakani at LiveJournal
makanidotdot at Tumblr
makani at DeviantArt (art site; defunct)
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Makani is a fan artist and occasional meta writer best known for her Harry Potter fanworks and later her professional work for Team Fortress 2. She also has been involved in other fandoms, such as Guild Wars, Avatar, and Lost. Her Harry Potter art can be found on her website, acciobrain!

Her art is often humourous and she is known for her affinity for Lucius, Narcissa Malfoy and other Death Eaters. In 2006, she wrote Narcissa's Loyalties, an essay analyzing Narcissa's character.

Makani's art is used on the Harry Potter Lexicon,[2] and she drew the character images for The Leaky Cauldron's widgets.[3]

Work with Team Fortress 2

In November 2008, Makani posted fan art of the Team Fortress 2 character The Announcer, a.k.a. The Administrator. Her artwork became widely popular, and the design was eventually purchased by Valve, TF2's developer, and became the official design for the character. The Administrator, using Makani's design, was first seen in the WAR! Comic on December 9, 2009. Since then, Makani has been hired by Valve to do other official artwork, such as art for merchandise and several TF2 comics, including the line art for Meet the Director.[4][5]

Fanart Use Policy

The FAQ on Makani's website states:

Can I use your art? Yes, as long as you give credit, and are definitely not using my art for any kind of commercial purpose. Web graphics, sig banners, icons, all that kind of stuff is perfectly fine and I am totally flattered if you used my stuff xD. There is no need to ask permission, just make sure you give me credit somewhere and it should be fine.[6]

In 2012, in response to criticism of a fan posting her work unsourced on Tumblr, Makani wrote:

I know artists are touchy about this kind of thing and their opinions vary but [...] I personally really don’t care about sourcing my stuff at all especially because all I do on here is fanwork which is not really my material in the first place.

As long as nobody’s using my stuff to make money, my art is free to use for whatever, I don’t really care, if I see my work pop up in places and not sourced honestly I’m just glad people like it enough to want to use it/post it. If I want to take credit for something I’ll just reblog it here [Tumblr] and be like “hey i made this :D”. I have 9500 followers, it’s not like I’m hurting for traffic or anything.[7]


  • "Chances are you're familiar with Makani's artwork already, but I have to give her a plug because she is without doubt the best Harry Potter artist out there. Added to her phenomenal drawing and design skills, she has a wicked sense of humour and keen storytelling." -- Tealin[8]
  • "[Makani] is one of the giants of the fanart world, and her work is pure joy. She generally takes a very lighthearted approach to the books – several times already I’ve come across one of her pieces that I wanted to use but sadly excluded it when it didn’t fit the tone of the page I was making. However, when she wants to draw a dramatic scene, look out." -- John Kearns[9]

Sample Art


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