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Name: acciobrain!
Owner/Maintainer: Makani
Dates: 2004–13 (last updated 2010)
Type: fanart
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (via WBM) Acciobrain.jpg
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acciobrain! was a Harry Potter fanart site run by Makani. It contained several sections of art as well as a page of art-related tutorials.

Fanart was divided into various categories: General Art, Silly Art, fanart100, Commissions, and Project HBP. The site also contained sections for updates, links, an FAQ, and an About page. The last update was in May 2010, and the site was offline by mid 2013.[1][2]

Project HBP

Project HBP was Makani's attempt at illustrating Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince chapter-by-chapter. Each chapter got its own page with several illustrations and sketches as well as commentary on both the art and the book itself. The idea was inspired by Tealin's Azkaban Project.[3]

Makani only finished seven of the thirty total chapters. She wrote:

I decided to have a go at illustrating a lot of HBP whilst waiting for the seventh book to come out. Why I thought I would follow through with this, I don't know, though honestly I wasn't anticipating the last book coming out before 08. But yeah, I've given myself one too many other things to do x)[3]


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