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Animagus (plural Animagi) is a word in the Harry Potter series referring to a wix who has done the magic necessary to be able to transform into an animal at will. It is a common feature in Harry Potter fic to give Harry (or whoever is the fic's protagonist) an Animagus form, and fans enjoy theorizing about which animal's form characters from canon would take. There is some discussion amongst fans that one's Animagus form is related to one's Patronus, though not everyone agrees.[1]

In the Wizarding World, as a rule, Animagi wizards and witches must register with the Ministry. However, within the canon and consequently in the fanon, many characters do not register their Animagus form for various reasons, that extend from not trusting the government, hiding the extent of its powers, or using that magic in a criminal manner.


Characters who are animagi in canon:

Fan Reactions

Pottermore's explanation of how to become an animagus was dissatisfying to some fans who saw it as just a list of tedious instructions in opposition of the book's assertion that it required skill to achieve.

I can't express how utterly disappointed I was with the Pottermore depiction of it. Like all that talk from Dumbledore about it being 'extraordinary' and you give me that...? And Uagadou students cadually turning into animals...? It contradicts book canon as far as I am concerned. It may be the largest reason why I don't consider Pottermore canon.[2]

Other fans in the thread found that an unfair characterization of the requirements listed on Pottermore, rebutting that "This is a complicated potion requiring lots of preparation" and "the fact that kids in a school managed to pull all of this off without anyone knowing is crazy. The magic in Harry Potter doesn't only need talent, it needs lots of hard work too."[3]

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