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Wix is a gender-neutral word for witch/wizard, when 'witch' and 'wizard' are used as gendered words for the same thing, as in Harry Potter. (Compare fandoms in which 'witch' and 'wizard' refer to practitioners of two entirely different kinds of magic, such as Discworld or the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.)

The adjective wixen is used by Harry Potter fans in place of 'wizarding', as in 'the wixen world' in place of 'the wizarding world.'

Wix, wixen and wixes have variously been used as the plural. As we are crowdsourcing new vocabulary for an existing (and highly irregular) language, this is not terribly surprising.


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The History section is what I found in the first several pages of an internet search. Additional information, or people saying "That's right as far as I know", is appreciated. Also: has use of the word migrated out of HP fandom?

Wix originated in Harry Potter fandom, perhaps in this post by cannibalhands on 11 October 2013[1]:

Because the witch/wizard dichotomy of the magical world didn’t fit them, nonbinary students started coming up with non-gendered terms. Genderfluid Luna decided she liked “wix” the best because it resembled “mix” while keeping the wi of witch and wizard, and now the Quibbler refers to the magical community exclusively as “the wixen world.”

Themonsterblogofmonsters explains use as they know it in April 2014[2] (emphasis added):

Anonymous asked: what is a wix?

themonsterblogofmonsters replied:

Wix” is the gender-neutral term for a witch, wizard, or otherwise identifying magical (or non-muggle) individual. The term was first invented over at magicqueers[1] [1] who are awesome and post lgbtqia+ headcanons for the Potterverse.

For people who like those kinds of headcanons there is also hiddenhogwarts [2] for POC, neuroatypical and lgbtqia+ headcanons and I strongly recommend both blogs if you want to hear more about how the magical world may interact with people who aren’t cisgender heterosexuals.

The term wix was invented as a headcanon by someone who suggested it was invented by Luna Lovegood who kept the wi- part of wizard and witch and added x so it sounded like mix. The other proposed gender-neutral term was “mage” but I personally felt that had too many masculine connotations to be truly gender-neutral and so use the word “wix” on an almost day-to-day basis when discussing Potterverse headcanons with friends and family.

For further reference, Wix can be used to say “The Wixen world” to reference the magical world, and used as the term “wixes” in the plural, to refer to groups of magical individuals rather than saying “witches and wizards” which suggests that the “normal” state of things is for people to be cisgender. [...] It’s a gender-neutral term that can be used for any group of people, but was invented firstly so that genderfluid or non-binary identifying individuals can have a term to refer to like-wise identifying magical characters. And I think that’s beautiful.

It is worth noting that some blogs such as amortentiafashion [3] use wix as the singular and plural, and other blogs still may use wixen as a plural. As such when going to different blogs check for context and if necessary ask which format they are using, as the word is new and is, as such, still being figured out.

Urban Dictionary has this definition[3]:

wixen n. pl.

Magical people. Wixen is a gender neutral alternative to witches or wizards. It can be used as a descriptor as well, i.e. the wixen world. Its singular form is wix.


That wix is really good at transfiguration magic, they once turned a hairbrush into a porcupine.

There's some wixen over in that corner. They can't pass as muggles at all.


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