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Name: Gellert Grindelwald
Occupation: wizard
Relationships: Bathilda Bagshot (great-aunt)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Other: played by Jamie Campbell Bower in the movie adaptations
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Gellert Grindelwald is a character from the Harry Potter series. He is a Dark Wizard, and in Deathly Hallows was revealed to have been a close friend of Albus Dumbledore when they were teenagers. He features heavily in the new Fantastic Beasts movies, where he is the main antagonist.

There was scandal over him being played by controversial actor Johnny Depp, and Rowling's explicit support of this decision. In November 2020, it was announced that Depp had been asked to resign from the role of Grindelwald and that the role would be recast for the third Fantastic Beasts film.[1]


Fans commonly characterize Gellert as Austrian, although other interpretations (such as Swiss and German) exist as well.

Relationship with Dumbledore

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In the books, it's made clear that he was close with Albus when they were young, but there is no explicit mention of them holding a romantic relationship. When J.K. Rowling later made the claim that Dumbledore was gay and had been in love with Grindelwald, there was some outcry. While fans were happy to have a canonical gay character in Harry Potter, the fact that it was never actually written into the books or any other canon material cheapened the representation and made some fans feel as though Rowling was trying to claim gay representation without doing any of the work or taking any of the risks.

This was exacerbated recently with the release of the second Fantastic Beasts movie, Crimes of Grindelwald, as it is unlikely Rowling will actually push for canon acknowledgement of his relationship with Dumbledore despite them both featuring in the movie.

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