Lightning Over Elk River

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Title: Lightning Over Elk River
Author(s): Minisinoo
Date(s): 2001
Length: c. 40,000 words (5 parts)
Genre: Action & character development, pathos, Mature Adult
Fandom: Ultimate X-Men
External Links: Lightning Over Elk River at Red Shades
Elk River Saga at Medicine Wheel (via Wayback)

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Lightning Over Elk River is a Scott/Ororo fic by Minisinoo set in the Ultimate X-Men universe.


Storm and Cyclops are sent by Professor X to recover a potential new recruit: Dani Elk River
Warnings: This story is ADULT and contains discussion of adult topics, including sex and drugs in later sections. Drugs are not glorified.

Elk River Saga

Lightning Over Elk River, split up by five parts, was the first fic in the Elk River Saga. The second one is titled Smile Back, split into two parts, and the third Shades of Grey. A fourth fic "Son of the West Wind" was proposed but was later tabled.

Author's Notes

"This one's for Diane, because she loves Ulty Scott, and because she loves Storm (and because she beta read it). Ultimate Storm is a different girl from her traditional goddess self. I liked the old Storm, but like the new one, too. The biggest difference is Ultimate Storm's sass. Ultimate Scott can be a wise-cracker, as well, but I'm maintaining his canon shyness. Incidently, and while I write movie-Scott's eyes as blue because Marsden's are, comics-Scott's eyes are brown. Ororo's are supposed to be blue, but in Ultimate, they're gold-tan. As for Scott's vocabulary and would he really know a word like 'oxymoron' ­ consider, folks. This is a guy who, in the midst of a heated argument with Xavier, pulled out 'monosyllabic.' He's shown, too, in a couple other places, that he has a good vocabulary. If you think Storm wouldn't comment on Jean's skin color, remember she does just that in issue #4 regarding the president's daughter."

Awards Won

Comments & Reactions

"Scott/Ororo piece; actually succeeded in making me like this pairing."[1]
"It's probably the best fanfiction I have ever read."[2]


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