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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Medicine Wheel
Author: Minisinoo
Dates: 2002?-2010
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse, X-Men (comics), Ultimate X-Men, Harry Potter, Twilight
URL: on wayback
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The Medicine Wheel was Minisinoo's fanfiction site. Originally the site only held X-Men fanfiction, by 2007 started to have Harry Potter works and by the next year Twilight.

By 2010, the website was no longer up, but any of Minisinoo fanfiction that survived the deletion of the website and her livejournal is on


X-Men Fanfiction


Screenshot of the Jean and Scott section.

Jean & Scott:

  • Ultimate X-Men:
    • Chocolate Milk (post #4 - 5) Jean deals with Scott’s defection c. 4300 words
    • Showering Blind (post #7) Curiosity killed the Jean c. 2650 words.
    • Listening In, Unwilling (Weapon X) Jean overhears ADULT, c. 800 words
    • I Guess It's All Right (post #12) So what happens on the morning(s) after? S/J, ADULT c. 32,500 words
    • Hanging Lights (post #12) Just what the title says. Snapshots of the decorating process . . . and purple lights c. 1100 words
    • Lumps (indefinite) Jean, secrets, fear. And friendship c. 2350 words
    • Redbird (post #16) Following the departure of Peter, Scott and Jean talk... among other things. S/J, ADULT, c 12000 words

Ororo & Scott:

Screenshot of the Ororo and Scott section.
  • Ultimate X-Men:
    • Lightning Over Elk River Storm and Cyclops are sent by Professor X to recover a potential new recruit: Dani Elk award River. c. 40,000 words
    • Smile Back The coda piece to Lightning Over Elk River. Alternating first person, Ororo and Scott, regarding the complication of Henry, among other things. c. 13,000 words
    • Shades of Grey Following the Indian mission, Ororo thinks c. 1650 words
    • Living in the Borderlands After escaping from Weapon-X, how do they deal with recovery from being held hostage for six weeks, and forced into acts of violence?
    • Stormy Monday "It was a dark and stormy night ..." A meeting and conversation at the fridge S/O friendship, c. 1400 words

Assorted Other:

  • Ultimate X-Men & Core titles:
    • Eros on Trial ULTIMATE X-MEN (post #12) Scott's showing an interest in a new woman, and she's not a mutant. But she might hold the keys to his family, and his past c 45,000 words
    • The GOLDEN GOOSE series ULTIMATE X-MEN (post #8) Look who's helping Weapon-X! And say what is Scott expected to do?! Multiple stories, many authors
    • On the Edge UNCANNY X-MEN (#394) Scott and the woman who still loves him vignette, c. 400 words (i.e., post Apocalypse, post that awful "I love you, wife" line)
    • In a Hotel Six on Highway Five, After the Forty-Nines Dani Moonstar. An encounter. A new direction. Adult (Core comics after Dani departs the X-Men, but no definite time frame), c. 3400 words


  • Letters and Papers from Prison A young woman’s visit, figurative and literal, with a man in a plastic prison. Heavy subject matter. X1 -- Rogue + ensemble, c. 5800 words
  • 101 (and not Dalmatians) Scott on sex, and men, and relationships. And Romance novels. S/J, adult, c. 4950 words
  • Sleepy Dragon A celebration of sex between long-time lovers. S/J, adult Jean POV, c. 3300 words
  • Bitch Jean overhears some private thoughts. Bitch!Jean seen (tongue-in-cheek) from the other side c. 1300 words
  • Like Water Sometimes the thing you fear the most is knowing for sure. S/J, Scott POV, c. 2100 words
  • Broken "Friendships, like marriages, are dependent on avoiding the unforgivable." (John D. MacDonald)
  • Five Pounds Scott brings Jean an unexpected present for Valentine’s Day. Scott POV. Valentine’s sap, but not Valentine’s ‘ship. 'Cuteness' alert, X1 c. 4000 words
  • Idle Musings of a Woman at Eighty An old woman on age, men, and good endings. Jean POV. L/J/S (not a threesome), adult c. 2100 words
  • Mutant Darwin Awards “Slice of life” fiction. What do they do when they’re not teaching class, chasing bad guys (or chasing each other)? Humor; Jean - Storm - Scott friendship, Jean POV. c. 1100 words

Post X2:

  • Agonia Not everything that is meant well causes comfort Scott, c.1100 words
  • Anahinga The gulf stretching on my left is as vast as the horizon and as endless as my grief Scott, c. 2100 words
  • I'd Sure Hate to Break Down Here Three conversations in Ororo's Garden Ororo & Pietro, c. 2600 words
  • PowerSwap Challenge - A challenge issued in my LJ, answered by other writers. Includes over 50 stories involving alternate powers for Scott and/or Jean and/or other X-Men, and how that might have affected how they turned out.
  • Playing House Written with Winter's Doubt, Kitty and Scott finally take things to a logical conclusion, adult sections, c. 11,500 words


  • How the Leopard Changed Her Spots A different Scott, a different Jean. Montague and Capulet. Are they still who they are, if they aren't who we recognize? From the PowerSwap Challenges, an AU retelling of X1, c. 40,000 words, complete
  • Micky Blue Eyes/ Body Memory Without the visor, just who is Scott Summers? Would finally finding a way to control his power without it be a blessing -- or a curse in disguise? X1, complete
  • Case X-1743: Unresolved In 1996, Mulder and Scully investigated a case wherein a teenager reputedly pulverized the wall of his high school bathroom while at his senior prom, ‘with red beams that came out of his eyes.’ There were multiple eye-witnesses. The boy subsequently went missing before he could be questioned. Case, unresolved. In the spring of 2005, Senate hearings convened in Washington, DC, for Senator Kelly’s Mutant Registration Act. Dr. Jean Grey testifies in opposition to Kelly on the senate floor. But it’s not the lovely doctor who gets Mulder’s attention.... (Mulder POV) c. 20,000 words Crossover with X-Files
  • The Man Behind Red Shades What really goes on inside Scott's head. Loosely interconnected stories about life and death and love and women with red hair, all from Scott's point of view. 80-proof dry irony warning! X1, complete
  • Unspoken (Housed on Victoria's Muses Fool) What might have happened, if Logan had brought Jean to the School, instead of Rogue -- a school where (an older) Marie teaches English and is engaged to Scott Summers? A round robin of stories, begun by Jenn


Screenshot of X-Men Novels section.
  • Grail At Alkali Lake, Jean Grey gave her life to save her fellows. But if so, what's risen from the water? A little bit ghost story a little bit mystery, a little bit suspense. c. 187,450 words, so far - Nearing Completion, post X2
  • Special: the Genesis of Cyclops "How it all began." We follow Scott from just before his arrival at Westchester until the Senate Hearings at the start of the X-Men film c. 148,000 words Complete 2003 CBFFA: Best Series
  • An Accidental Interception of Fate When Harry Met Sally, mutant Style. That is, how Scott met Jean, and why they fell in love despite the age gap. This X-Men movie prequel depicts the early years at Xavier's school, the genesis of the X-Men, Scott in college, plus the breakdown of a telepath when her powers explode unexpectedly. c. 190,000 words Complete. CBFFA 2003: Best X-Men Media & Best Romance and X-Day 2003: Best Novel
  • Climb The Wind Logan and Scott are held prisoner. The descent of the hero, and his redemption. Action-adventure and character study. Alternating Logan & Scott POV, some X-Files content (not a crossover) c. 83,000 words, Complete, X-Day 2001: Best Novel, CMFFA 2002: Best Adult & Best Serious, CBFFA 2003: Fanfic Hall of Fame
  • The Heyoka Series A single rock thrown into a river can alter everything. CMFFA 2002: Best Original Character (Grace Kills-his-Horse)

Harry Potter Fanfiction


  • Mostly Cedric Diggory centric:
    • The Best Thing I Ever Did Two years after Cedric's death, when the Ministry of Magic has finally admitted Voldemort is back, a bitter Amos Diggory reflects. And is met with a surprise. The people we think we know can surprise us. c.2500 words, The Goblets Winner 2007
    • The Way I See It While clearing out Dumbledore's things after his death, the new headmistress stumbles upon a box of old student papers, which contains a surprise. (Although it's canon and Cedric is dead, his personal history described in his essay is utilized for Finding Himself.) c.3050 words
    • The Badger Raccoon How Cedric Diggory acquired his very non-regulation pet. (Although it's canon and Cedric dies, Esiban's story fits into the Finding Himself universe.) c.1215 words
    • Holding Up Cedric teaches. Luna learns. Luna teaches. Cedric learns. c. 2250 words
  • Mostly Hermione Granger centric:
    • By Parchment A friendship by pen and parchment. c.3950 words
  • Cedric & Hermione:
    • Lopsided Tie Thrown together in a moment of downtime at the Yule Ball, Hermione shares a brief conversation with Cedric Diggory, and Cedric offers a bit of advice about Ron. (Hermione-Cedric friendship, Hermione/Ron implied) c.1050 words
    • Yellow Plastic Being disabled presents challenges, not impossibilities. Six ways to make love for a man in a wheelchair. (Finding Himself world, future post-war) ADULT c. 1950 words
    • I Hope You Dance Gwynn Diggory gives his parents a special Valentine's present in the year of their 50th Wedding anniversary (Finding Himself world, far future) c.2700 words
  • Cedric & Harry:
    • Vulnerable Cedric wanking was Harry's favorite fantasy. ADULT, c. 6300 words
    • "Partners in Love and War: 10 Years as Aurors" by Lavender Brown Witch Weekly's lead story ten years after the fall of Voldemort. c. 2600 words
    • A Dance in December Fifteen years after the last Triwizard Tournament, which ended so disastrously, another Triwizard Tournament is staged at Hogwarts, complete with Yule ball. All four former champions are invited, and asked to bring a date. Harry and Cedric bring each other. (Semi-AU: Cedric is alive, but much remains of canon) c. 9000 words
  • Cedric & Others:
    • The Whole Chicken Three champions, one bottle of firewhiskey. After the Second Task, Cedric decides the three elder champions need to work on international magical cooperation instead of competition. They're never going to look at each other the same way again -- once they get past the hangover. (Cedric, Viktor & Fleur friendship, slashy Cedric/Viktor) c.5140
    • The Blind Leading the Blind The night before the Third Task, Cho makes her contribution to the Diggory Cause. (Cedric/Cho) ADULT, c. 1750 words
    • At the Very Ports They Blow During a vacation in Greece, Cedric contemplates the phrase "And two shall become one flesh." (Cedric/Katie) based on the characters played at Stoatshead Hill RPG, ADULT, c.1850 words
  • Hermione & Others:
    • The Language of Flowers Written for Cunning Croft. Hermione visits a certain grave on a particular anniversary. (Hermione & Zach friendship.) c. 1500 words
    • Little Things Written for Puguita's birthday. Ron isn't at all sure Hermione would understand what he notices and why (Hermione/Ron) c.1500 words
    • Twinning Written for Inell. Hermione, on the twins -- the unique among the unique (George/Hermione/Fred), c. 1000 words



  • Finding Himself The 'Boy Who Almost Died' has to figure out what it means that he didn't. Who is Cedric Diggory? He must find himself amid rumors of war, the awkwardness of falling in love, and a crippling personal tragedy. Cedric/Hermione AU, parallel canon, c. 320,000 words
  • Dulce et decorum est Sequel to Finding Himself. In a time of war, how does a crippled man feel when he's the one left behind? There are battles fought with fire and magic, and battles fought in the hearts of men. Cedric/Hermione AU, parallel canon


  • This is My Beloved Son, in Whom I Am Well Pleased Why, after more than two centuries alone, did Carlisle break down and turn a 17-year-old boy? He told Bella he'd been thinking of creating a companion, and that Edward's mother had demanded it -- but in all his years of life, surely she wasn't the first. Why did this boy get under his skin so? Edward/Bella c.7000 words
  • Beauty, Shining in Company with the Celestial Forms When Edward rebelled against Carlisle's way of life in 1927, what changed his mind and sent him back in 1931? With a side-serving of White Sox-Cubs rivalry, Camels, Plato and mobsters. c. 12,600 words
  • Cowboys and Indians Lessons on the road in a journey through time. Existentialism, a Texas pow-wow, a '67 Mustang, a bar brawl, Pocahontas, and Jack Kerouac. Sometimes, family is chosen, even if they're not who we expect. c.18,500 Characters: Jasper Hale, Leah and Seth Clearwater, Edward Cullen
  • Amputated at the Neck An empath's thoughts about a telepath. Jasper's private concerns regarding Edward and Bella as they race towards marriage. c. 1650 words

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  • C-FAN Comic Book Fanfiction Awards
    • 2003
      • Best Romance, Best X-Men Media: An Accidental Interception of Fate
      • Best Series: Special: The Genesis of Cyclops
      • Best Adult: "In a Hotel Six on Highway Five, After the Forty-Nines"
      • Fanfic Hall of Fame: Climb the Wind
    • 2002
      • Writer of the Year, Writer Hall of Fame, & Best New Writer
      • Best Original Character: Grace Kills-his-Horse
      • Best Mature, Best Serious: Climb the Wind
      • Best Erotica: Lightning Over Elk River
      • Best Alternate X (many authors): The Golden Goose
  • X-Day X-Men Awards
    • 2003, Best Novel: An Accidental Interception of Fate; Best Crossover: "Case X-1743: Unresolved"
    • 2002, Best Short Fiction: "Chocolate Milk"
    • 2001, Best Novel: Climb the Wind
  • The Heart of a Hero:
    • Writer of the Month, 2002
    • Writer of the Year, 2002
    • Fanfiction of the Month: An Accidental Interception of Fate. Also Story of the Year, 2002
  • The Power of Cyclops, Site of the Year 2001



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