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Name: Diebin
Alias(es): Darth Diebin
Type: Archivist, Fan Writer, Moderator
Fandoms: Lost, Star Wars, X-Men Movieverse
Communities: Angstgrrls, EFB, WolverineRogue, WRBeta
Other: The Fic Closet
URL: http://www.diebin.net/
on Livejournal
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Diebin is popularly considered one of the founders of the Wolverine/Rogue pairing in X-Men Movieverse. She's been active in both Star Wars and X-Men Movieverse fandoms, as well as Lost.


Diebin started in the Star Wars fandom sometime before 1999.

In 1999, Diebin joined the X-Men Movieverse fandom along with Shana and Caeryn and was a contemporary with Misty in building the beginnings of the Wolverine/Rogue fandom. She joined the mailing lists Xmenmoviefanfic and WolverineRogue and was a prolific author. She is also the founder of the Wolverine and Rogue Domain, and founder of the mailing list WRBeta.

She later went pro.[1]


  1. ^ "Once upon a time I loved Wolverine & Rogue so much I pretty much lived in the fandom with my BFF Donna Bevan. Then we decided to grow up and write erotic stories about werewolves, shapeshifters, witches and things that go bump in the night for a living." from diebin's Livejournal profile page bio (accessed 18 Dec 2011)

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