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Name: Independent Comics, Alternative Comics
Abbreviation(s): Indie Comics, Alt Comics
Creator: Various
Date(s): 1980s onwards
Medium: print
Country of Origin: U.S. adn United Kingdom
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Independent or Alternative comics are comics published outside of the mainstream superhero comics of "The Big Two" comics publishers, aka Marvel Comics and DC. Alternative comic books span a wide range of genres, artistic styles, and subjects and are often published in small numbers with less regard for regular distribution schedules.


The independent comic movement began in the 1980s with the decline of underground comics and the demand by readers and creators for something else to fill the gaps left by the monopoly of the two traditional publishers and the requirements of the Comics Code. Former underground comix artist Art Spiegelman and his wife created the anthology magazine RAW in 1980 while the infamous Robert Crumb started Weirdo in 1981. The format and content of these magazines differed from the underground comix publications (which had become stereotyped as "dealing only with sex, dope and cheap thrills", to quote Spiegelman) and attracted a wider range of artists - RAW, for example, featured many European artists - and the emphasis was less on revolution and more on developing the craft of comics drawing and storytelling. Spiegelman's award-winning MAUS was first serialised in RAW.

Notable Publishers and Comics[2]


Independent comics provided a more female-friendly venue for women creators and readers than the mainstream comics or the underground comix movement, Works such as Elquest amassed large female fanbases (as well as male) and the creative freedom encouraged more women artists and writers, which in turn encouraged more female comics fans.


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