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Name: Aggressive Retsuko
Abbreviation(s): Aggretsuko
Creator: Yeti
Date(s): April 20, 2018 – February 16, 2023 (Netflix), April 2, 2016 – March 31, 2018 (TBS)
Medium: anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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Aggressive Retsuko, Aggretsuko for short, is an anime created by Yeti and directed by Rarecho and was licensed by Netflix. Before airing on Netflix, however, Aggressive Retsuko started life as a series of 100 one-minute shorts on Tokyo Broadcasting System's Ō-sama no Brunch.

The series stars Restuko, a twenty-five-year-old red panda working as an office lady at Carrier Man Trading Company in Tokyo, Japan. Five years of office life, including having extra work assigned to her by her superiors, has her venting out her frustrations at a karaoke parlor.



The most common pairing is Retsuko/Haida. Tsunoda/Komiya and Retsuko/Tadano are less common but make up most of the other fics.

Example Fanworks


A series of late-stage capitalism in the form of caffeinated drinks, budding relationships, and lots of swearing.
Tadano knows that there isn't any hope for him with Haida. Haida is too obsessed with Retsuko. It is never going to happen. Haha- unless...?
In which Retsuko rides the train to work like every morning but sees an unexpected yet familiar face among the crowd. Cute moments, the challenges of public transport and animals embarrassed by their feelings.

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