My Secret Place

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: My Secret Place, The Vault, Morgana's Slash Archive
Author: Morgana
Dates: 09 October 1999[1] or before - present
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings, Babylon 5, X-Men, The Sentinel
URL: (Wayback)
My Secret Place (2001)
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My Secret Place (formerly know as The Vault[2], also known as Morgana's Slash Archive or Morgana's Library) is a fanfic page.

The page was a member of the X-Men Erotica webring.[3]


Descriptions are from the website.

Lord of the Rings: "Here you will find several pairings. When I first started writing in this fandom I was mostly into Legolas/Aragorn and then Legolas/Boromir. Then I read Ilye's stories and got hooked on the Rivendell Elves, which explains why you also find stories focusing on Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Erestor and many other pairings. I am still new to this fandom and I am learning more about Elves each day. My thanks go to Ilye for beta reading and Nellas for her awesome drawings!"

Babylon 5: "Ah, Marcus and Neroon. They were my favorite pairing for years and I still enjoy reading stories about them, like from Monica. Unfortunately my muse only inspires me to write LOTR slash at the moment, but this is one pairing I would love to write again. If only the muse got inspired! Sigh."

X-Men: "Remy Le Beau, sigh. One of my all time favorites. And I must admit pairing him with Warren worked best for me. Bobby and the others worked out okay as well, but there was special chemistry with Warren. Again, wish the muse would strike again!"

The Sentinel: "I stopped writing in this fandom about a year ago. The pairings you will find here are (exepct for 2 stories) completely dedicated to the Jim/Blair pairing, what shouldn't come as a surprise. I actually wrote a lot of stories, but never got much FB on them. I guess the Sentinel fandom wasn't my cup of tea, unfortunately."


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