Kai & Logan

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Title: Kai & Logan (possibly known as Tag Team as well?)
Author(s): Kaylee (KayJay)
Fandom(s): X-Men
External Links: http://lubakmetyk.infinology.net/kailogan.htm

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This series by Kaylee (KayJay) was a popular one which depicted a romantic relationship between an OC named Kai and the X-Men's Wolverine. Kai was introduced in Canada (the first story in the series, although not necessarily the first story written and published—anyone remember the details?)

Various other writers added stories to the Kai verse, among them: DuAnn, Dyce, Kielle, Redhawk, Daniel Martin, Alicia McKenzie, Jaya Mitai, Shaianne K. Shai Perihawk, sevenall, Shera Crawler 007, Alec Wire and Wolvester.